February 28, 2023 3 min read

Our comfortable memory foam neck pillow has shrunk in size! We present to you: the HEST Travel Pillow, our smallest HEST Pillow available. This portable pillow makes the perfect travel companion - great for international travel, backpacking, or even a quick trip across the pond. Our team put our heads together to ideate the best 5 Ways to Use Your Travel Pillow and why you need it for your next trip!

Here are 5 ways to use your hEST TRAVEL PILLOW:



There’s nothing better than waking up with a sore, bent neck while the driver blasts a genre you’ve never heard of before Right? We can’t help out with the not so lovely tunes, but we CAN help out with your comfort  on a long road trip. The HEST Travel Pillow fits perfectly between your neck and car window, creating a perfect place to catch a car nap. Legs falling asleep on the drive? Stick the pillow underneath your knees for extra comfort and relief. Need something to throw at the backseat driver? We got you. This multi-purpose pillow will help you get from Point A to Point B seamlessly.



It’s important to keep your sleep surface clean and germ free. In airplanes, that task can seem impossible. The HEST Travel Pillow can pack into itself (think of a sleeping bag stuff sack). The exterior material of the pillow is dirt and water resistant, perfect for traveling by plane. When you are ready for some rest, unpack the pillow, exposing the clean and soft surface. Throw in some earplugs and you’ll be out before you take off.  Lower back pain on those long flights? Fit the pillow in the nook of your back for extra support and relief. Extra perk: our pillow is small enough to fit under your seat.



Airbnb’s are such a fun way to have a ‘home away from home’ experience when you travel. That is, until you get ready for bed and lay down on a literal rock of a mattress and pillow that countless strangers have drooled on before you. You can try bringing your own home pillow, but it is inconvenient and bulky during travel. Try bringing your HEST Travel Pillow! At 1.2 pounds and 7 inches tall, the Travel Pillow packs small and is worth its weight in comfort. And the best part is, you can email info@hest.com requesting more fill if you want to adjust your desired pillow loft.


short distance backpacking

Backpacking is such a great activity to unwind and log off from the ever present technology of our daily lives. Unfortunately, a lot of people associate backpacking with a crappy night’s sleep. Not anymore! Bringing your Travel Pillow on those shorter distance backpacking trips is the ultimate hack to getting a great night sleep while in the great outdoors. Its compact design will either fit in your backpacking bag or can be clipped on the outside of the pack using either of the carry loops. This is a great option to stay comfortable during your short distance backpacking trips - it’s wayyyy more comfy than an inflatable pillow or bunched up jacket and at only 1.2 pounds it’s not much extra weight. You can learn more about the health benefits of being outside here.


adventure trips

We are all huge advocates for sleeping well and playing more. We support all adventurers by providing the best Travel Pillow for Ski Hut Trips, Hunting Trips, Rafting Trips, Off-Roading Trips…you name it! The dirt, water, and scratch resistant exterior of our pillow will keep your sleep surface protected when it’s time to hit the hay. Sleep well and adventure on!



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