Tote Bags


The HEST Tote 50 is the camp carry-all you’ve been needing! Designed with durable, outdoor ready materials and thoughtful functionality, the Tote 50 is ready for all adventures in all kinds of conditions.

"I’m obsessed with this Tote. I’ve been using it in various situations like for weekend trips at Airbnbs, carrying stuff to the river from the car etc. so well designed and functional."- Jaime P., HEST Customer

The HEST Tote 50 is our favorite “throw it in” bag for all kinds of adventures. With a generous 50 liter capacity, the Tote 50 becomes your catchall for all those loose odds and ends that you end up with while adventuring. Made with premium waterproof materials and bomb proof construction, the tote fares well in any condition, keeping its contents clean and dry. The Tote 50 also features some smart details like the exterior pocket (for phone, keys, wallet or small odds and ends) and a compression cinch compartment to separate clean from dirty.

HEST Tote Bag

The camp cary-all you’ve been needing.