Sleep System

The system is built around the desire to bring high-performance polyfoams to your campsite. Home mattress foams have evolved and improved over the years, and we wanted to bring the same innovative foam chemistries from your home to the outdoors. We started with the foam and developed the best combination of foam to conform, provide pressure point relief, breath and support different sleeping positions in the outdoors. With all these sleep performance goals, we also added the goals of being thinner than a home mattress and compressible to roll up. In addition to the foam, the drop stitch also allows us to recreate the home mattress experience in the outdoors. Most home mattresses have a firm base of foam. It would be impossible to roll up a home mattress base, so we created the drop stitch base, since it creates a firm support for the foam but also deflates and rolls up. The drop stitch has added benefits of being waterproof, durable and helps compress the foam during rolling.

Your HEST Sleep System is simple to assemble:

1. Unroll sleep system

2. Screw tube in to “OUT” port of pump

3. Remove valve cap on the dropstitch base

4. Press down on spring-loaded valve stem & turn clockwise until it springs up.  The valve is now closed & will hold air.

5. Insert pump tube in to valve & inflate w/ pump

6. Inflate to desired firmness. (Pump dial does not register until 7 PSI. We recommend under 10 PSI. Do not exceed 15 PSI.)

7. Attach valve cap.

8. Sweet dreams!

After enjoying a wonderful night sleep, the HEST Sleep System can be rolled up for transportation and storage:

1. Remove the valve cap

2. Depress & turn valve stem counterclockwise to allow air to escape.

3. Install “IN” port of pump.

4. Press down on spring-loaded valve stem & turn clockwise until it springs up.

5. Remove extra air with the pump.

6. Install valve cap.

7. Attach compression harness to base.

8. Start with tight roll & slowly roll Sleep System to allow air to escape from foam.

9. Connect compression straps and tighten.

10. Insert sleep system & pump in to bag. (Alternative- Attach compression harness to bag & then base.)

11. Hit the road!

We designed the foam cover to zip off the drop stitch for a number of reasons. We expect people to remove the foam cover and wash it. It is also possible to remove the foam cover and use the foam without the drop stitch. This can be a nice option if your sleeping surface is flat & dry.

The drop stitch construction is very durable, but it is possible to develop a leak. A patch kit was provided with your mattress. Start by zipping the foam cover off the drop stitch base. Inflate the drop stitch and rub the mattress with soapy water until you find bubbles. Once you have found the leak, dry the area and use the included patch kit to repair the hole with the following steps:

1. Cut your patch to extend 2” beyond all edges of the hole. Round the corners of the patch.

2. Trace the outline of the patch on the damaged surface with a pencil.

3. Clean the surfaces with a solvent like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). Allow the solvent to evaporate.

4. Apply two even, thin coats of the adhesive to both surfaces. Allow the adhesive to dry 5-10 minutes, to the tacky, not wet, stage. Use a bare knuckle to test. Your fingertips contain oils that will interfere with the bond.

5. When both surfaces are still tacky, i.e. your knuckle slightly sticks to the surface, but no adhesive comes off on your skin, you’re ready to complete the patch.

6. This is a contact adhesive, and once the surfaces touch, you can’t reposition the patch, so carefully align it before bonding the two surfaces together.

7. ‘Roll’ the patch onto the board surface to prevent trapping air under the patch.

8. Thoroughly go over the surface of the patch with a roller, edge of the valve wrench or other implement to apply pressure and ensure a solid bond.

9. Complete curing of the bond will take approximately 24 hours. Do not put full air pressure in the chamber before that time.

We realize everyone will need to store their mattress between their adventures. Please make sure your mattress is dry before storing it. Since the foam cover is only water resistant, it is possible to have dampness inside the foam. If this is the case, we’d recommend removing the foam and allowing it to dry before storing it. Once your mattress is completely dry, roll up your mattress and store it in a cool and dry location.

You can pump up your Sleep System's base higher to for more rigidity, but it is really a personal preference on firmness. The pump's gauge will not move until you reach close to 7 PSI. Many people tend to stop pumping well before 7 PSI, as long as you are reaching a rigidity in the base you are satisfied with that's all that matters! Once you've slept on the System a few times you'll start to get a feel for what firmness is most comfortable for you. 

Yes the covers on all of our products are machine washable! You can spot clean as needed or for a deeper clean, unzip the cover and toss in the washing machine. We use high quality nylon fabric, so recommend washing on cold with like colors and dry on a line or in the machine on a low heat setting.


The Dually is designed for flat and dry sleeping setups.  It works really well in a truck or van build-out which is what we recommend using it for. The Dually is designed to fold in half to allow more room for gear when not in use and are held in place by two sturdy clips.

The Sleep System is our most versatile mattress.  With the inflatable base, it is waterproof, super durable and bridges across gaps and bumps, perfect for sleeping on any kind of terrain.

Yes! We currently offer two dimensions of the Dually: Long (78"x50"x3.9" Open & 78"x25"x7.8" Packed) & Wide (74"x60"x3.9" Open &  74"x30"x7.8" Packed). We’ve found that certain vehicles & build outs work better with the different sizes, so make sure to measure your sleeping platform/space before you order.

The cover zips off and allows the foam to be removed for washing the cover. The polyurethane coated nylon on the bottom of the mattress folds to the outside, protecting the stretch nylon twill sleep surface from moisture and dirt during transport or storage.


Yes, very. The zippered travel cover is removable and machine washable as well as dirt & water resistant. 

When the pillow is unpacked it is 22 x 15 x 8 inches and when it is packed up in the travel cover it is 14 x 9 x 7 inches. Compared to a standard pillow which is 22 x 26. The weight of the pillow is 2.2 lbs.

The pillow fill is a blend of enhanced memory foam and polyester.  The enhanced memory foam is CertiPUR-UScertified.

The pillow has a contoured profile that rests in the neck and keeps it in place while sleeping in more upright positions; i.e. on a plane or in a car.

Designed for desired alignment from your head to your neck to your spine, the blend of shredded memory foam and polyester offer the support of a home pillow with high resilience, without flattening or losing shape.


Yes! All our products come with a 12 month warranty as standard against any manufacturing defects. If you notice an issue with your product, please shoot us an email and we can get you sorted out.

If you aren’t happy with your HEST product, you can return it for a full refund within 100 days of buying it.  We will pay for shipping back to us.

We stand by our product 100% and believe that a quality night’s sleep is the key to enjoying every second of the great outdoors.  If you are not completely satisfied with your HEST product during the first 100 days- you can return it no questions asked - guaranteed.

If you have any questions or need to make a return, please email us at

It is assembled in Seattle with components from California and China.

Yes the covers on all of our products are machine washable! You can spot clean as needed or for a deeper clean, unzip the cover and toss in the washing machine. We use high quality nylon fabric, so recommend washing on cold with like colors and dry on a line or in the machine on a low heat setting to prolong the life of the fabric.

To reduce the volume of the fill, unzip the interior side zipper and remove the desired amount of fill.