June 09, 2022 1 min read

The HEST Dog Bed is built for maximum comfort for your adventure dog and maximum portability, and durability for you. The dog bed is easy to use, clean, and love. 



1.Unclip the two clips on the integrated compression straps.  

2. Roll out the comfort.  

3. Sit, Down, Stay & Sweet dreams for Fido!   



 1. Starting at the head of the dog bed, begin rolling.* Start with a tight initial roll, use your knee to compress as  you go, and take your time- it takes a moment for the air to escape the foam. 

2. When fully rolled, reattach clips & tighten integrated compression straps by cinching.. 

3. Hit the road!


For a more plush sleep you can remove the internal waterproof foam liner. Keeping the liner inside helps protect the foam from dirt, water, & other dog type messes. Bed cover is removable and machine washable. Hang dry for maximum longevity


We recommend airing out the mattress after you get home from a trip. Once it’s dry: store in a cool, dry location.