HEST Outlet

Welcome to the HEST Outlet! This page features discounted products that have been classified as blemished (BLEM) or slightly marked. All HEST Outlet products are 25% OFF retail price. Please read the descriptions below as to what classifies blemished. All Outlet products are non-refundable final sale. That means no returns or exchanges. Limited quantities available.


Available Product

What is a blemished?

Blemished products are products that aren’t 100% perfect and flawless. Our Quality Control pulls out any foam or covers that have minor cosmetic flaws or marks & assembles them as Outlet inventory. Marks are cosmetic in nature and do not affect the performance of the mattress. Marks may include;

FABRIC COVERS: Small cosmetic blemishes, snags or stitching inconsistencies, color variation, or markings.  
MEMORY FOAM: Small cracks or tears in foam (that don’t affect performance).