December 15, 2020 1 min read

The HEST Sleep System might look intimidating at first, but we assure you within a couple uses you'll be setting up like a pro a sleeping like a baby! Here are some how to's, tips and tricks for maximizing your Sleep System.

1. Unroll Sleep System.
2. Screw tube in to “OUT” port of pump.
3. Remove valve cap on the dropstitch base.
4. Press down on spring-loaded valve stem (yellow thing) and turn clockwise.  The valve is now closed and will hold air. 
5. Insert pump tube in valve and inflate using pump.
6. Inflate to desired firmness. Pump dial does not register until 7 PSI. We recommend under 10 PSI. Do not exceed 20 PSI.
7. Attach valve cap.
8. Sleep well!

*Our pumps have two ports! Make sure to use "OUT" for inflation & "IN" for deflation!

The valve (yellow thing) should remain closed during inflation & use. To close the valve turn clockwise!

 1. Remove valve cap (on dropstitch base).
 2. Depress & turn valve stem (yellow thing) counterclockwise to allow air to escape.
 3. Screw tube in to “OUT” port of pump.
 4. Press down on spring-loaded valve stem & turn clockwise (opening).
 5. Remove extra air with the pump.
 6. Install valve cap.
 7. Attach mesh compression harness to base.
 8. Start with a tight roll. Slowly compress & roll Sleep System to allow air to escape from foam (a knee works well).
 8. When fully rolled: connect compression strap clips & cinch straps.
 9. Put Sleep System and pump in to messenger bag.
 10. Hit the trails!