March 18, 2021 2 min read

The HEST Pillow is ready for adventure. The integrated stow cover is made from dirt & water resistant fabric designed to keep the interior sleeping surface clean & comfy for when it’s time to catch some zzz’s. While the stow cover will keep your Pillow fresher for much longer, the case may eventually need a wash. We’ve created this how to guide for case care & removal:

Washing the pillow case 

We recommend washing the Pillow case on cold/gentle cycle to increase longevity of the fibers.  Air drying is always our recommendation but if you're in a rush you can tumble dry on a low heat setting. 


  1. Start with the Pillow in Sleep Mode, Unzip the main zipper.
  2. Pull the two arms of the Pillow open, exposing the secondary zipper
  3. Unzip the secondary zipper and begin to pull the Pillow Liner out through the secondary zipper opening.
  4. All set! Now you can wash.
Animated GIF of Pillow cover being removed from the liner.


animated GIF of Pillow liner being reinserted into the case
  1. Through the washing/drying process, your case might have ended up in a jumble or inside out. Start by repositioning the case so that both zippers are unzipped, the fabric is right side out (no seams showing), and laid flat like it would be in sleep mode.
  2. Position the case so that the case flap with the secondary zipper is facing up/peeled open. This is the hole you'll guide the Pillow liner through.
  1. The liner is composed of three sections. Place the most foam filled section by itself and the two thinner flaps laying together, with the zippered flap on top.
  2. Now you'll guide the bulkiest end in first through the open secondary zipper
  3. Once the bulkiest end is stuffed into the case, guide the two thinner flaps into the two arms of the case, starting with the logo case side first.
  4. Guide the last liner flap into the case.
  5. Zip the secondary zipper closed & your Pillow is now re-stuffed and ready for the next adventure!