March 01, 2023 2 min read

HEST Hound is a tribute to our canine family members and friends. Good dogs gather round. If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email!
Doggo Name:  Raven

Nickname: Gwape, Ravey, Pretty Gorl, Chunk, Beautiful

Human Name: Aryana

Home Base: Brooklyn

Breed:  Chow Chow, Pitbull, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Lab (we think?)

Age: 3 Years old (21 human years)

Average hours of napping per day: 12+. Eat, sleep, walk, and get lots of love. Repeat.

 Job: I am a registered  service animal! I help my mom with her anxiety by 'hugging' her and getting her to calm down from panic attacks. Other jobs include: being a good gorl, a pretty gorl and a chunky gorl.

Who’s in your adventure squad?  

My moms: Ary and Anika

Favorite pastime/adventure? 

Zoomies on the beach or in the snow, sleeping, being with my hoomans, and looking out the window to people watch. 

Special trick? 

I'm a service animal - providing the service of hugging.

Favorite treat/snack?  

Salmon skin, french fries, and peanut butter are my favorites.  

Are you a Winter or Summer dog?  

Both. I love the beach but I'm terrified of the water. I LOVE the snow! 

Best place to sniff?  

I must sniff every inch because I'm anxious and must know. 

Fill in the blank: 

Smack my booty and you’ll be my new best friend! 

Favorite body part to be scritched?   

My big chunky boooty and behind the ears 😍 

Favorite nap spot?  

The couch or my HEST Dog Bed. I love how I sink into a cloud of memory foam made just for me! 

Best doggie gear?   

HEST Large Dog BedKyeese Wear Vest and Kool Tail Hoodie for cold NY winter walks.

If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email at!