HEST Dog Bed


Premium comfort for your best friend in an easy to pack, easy to clean, adventure-friendly design. Sizing guide for dog kennels and crates.

  • Small: 26" x 18" recommended for 0-30 lb dogs
  • Medium: 36" x 24" recommended for 30-60 lb dogs
  • Large: 44" x 30" recommended for 60+ lb dogs


"If you are someone who’s always on the go (with your dog), like someone who switches between home and office, second homes/RVs, campsites, or various seasonal basecamps, the HEST Dog Bed is a great investment that will pay off pretty quickly … and last in the long run."- GearJunkie

The HEST Dog Bed was designed for our four-legged friends: small, medium, and large. The Dog Bed uses the same premium memory foam we use in our human mattress pads and the same outdoor tested materials & design concepts. Nothing less for your HEST friend!