January 19, 2021 2 min read

Our Unique Memory Foam Helps us Make the World's most Comfortable Camping Mattress.

By now, most people have either heard or tried out memory foam in a mattress. It’s the good kind of mushy that you sink in and automatically feel comfy and supported. Turns out, science shows it also offers many benefits for a restful sleep. 

Memory Foam is viscoelastic, which means the foam is viscous and flowy (like water), while also having an elastic quality which means it returns to its original state when pressure is removed.  Viscoelastic foam is beneficial because as it slowly contours and molds to your weight, it aligns & supports your body for a restful sleep, relieved of pain on pressure points.

Memory Foam Camping Mattresses Offer better support and temperature control 

Now that we understand the basic properties of memory foam, we can add in the element of temperature. Traditional memory foam (found in most home products) works like a dream at room temps, but not so much when temperatures stray too far from that range...  The viscoelastic nature of the foam works because the material is at room temperature, which is very near to what is called its glass transition temperature.  When traditional memory foam is cold and far from its glass transition range, it will harden, and if the foam is too hot, the foam will become very soft.

At HEST, we were excited to research and test foams that maintained performance throughout the wide temperature ranges in the outdoors.  Through our research, we landed on our enhanced memory foam which offers the viscoelastic performance regardless of the temperature inside your tent, van or truck.  Our enhanced memory foam has billions of microscopic air cells which are smaller than traditional foam, which means it traps more air (and also requires more force to release the air... why we recommend SLOWLY rolling your Sleep System to allow the air to escape the billions of foam cells).  These mechanical qualities create the viscoelastic performance similar to traditional memory foam but at any temperature. Kind of amazing right?! 

HEST was built for adventure and designed to bring the comforts of your home to the outdoors. We understand your bed at home is sacred, but it’s also not realistic to pack up and hit the road with your bed. Hence why we were inspired to create HEST and why we were obsessed with finding the perfect memory foam that will perform in the great outdoors. If you value a good night’s sleep, we highly recommend the enhanced memory foam offered in our Sleep System and Dually.  Proper body alignment, pressure point relief, and temperature regulation throughout a variety of climate ranges: our foam works wherever your adventures take you so you can sleep well, play more, and get outdoors sooner!

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