October 31, 2022 2 min read

We’ve teamed up with some of the artists & brands that we admire to dream up these limited edition designs. HEST X: Limited Series is a celebration of collaboration.

Whether it’s carving fresh pow or inking up a blank canvas, Chris’ artistry is a constant source of inspiration to all of us at HEST. When we asked him to collaborate on a Pillow design, we knew whatever he came up with would be dreamy. His art tickles the subconscious with mystical creatures and colorful dreamscapes.

The Benchetler Fasani Foundation

10% of proceeds of the HEST x CB Pillow will go to the Benchetler Fasani Foundation (@thebffoundation), whose mission is to provide a meaningful connection to the outdoors in order to facilitate the healing process for those who have suffered loss or hardship.  You can find more information at bf-foundation.org.   

At HEST, we know firsthand how important spending time in the outdoors is for mental and physical well being. We’re proud to support Chris & Kimmy on their mission to help others connect with mother nature.

What was the inspiration behind the HEST X CB Pillow artwork? 

I draw inspiration from my roots, mountain and coastal influence, and the continual journey of deeper consciousness through the connection to the natural world. 

What advice would you give to other dreamers like yourself?  

To never stop dreaming, but perseverance is the main ingredient. Nothing worth doing happens overnight so keep at it and your dreams will become reality. 

How would you describe the kind of art you tend to create?  

Life imitates art. My art and designs have always been an extension of my experiences on this planet, and that creative process has been an essential part of my exploration toward enlightenment. 

What first got you interested in making art? 

I can't remember an exact feeling, but ever since I was a kid I was always drawing, coloring, and ultimately started using colors and compositions to express what I can't express in words.

How do your experiences in the outdoors influence your artwork?

In every way. Nature and the outdoors have been my ultimate teacher and helped shape me, which is then translated into my work.

What is your dream mural location?

A rocket ship that is headed to space. Would love to see my art beyond the void. 

Where do you look for inspiration when you’re experiencing a creative block?