May 10, 2021 2 min read

Full Name: Chris Benchetler
Nickname: Too many to list
Specialty: Athlete/ Artist
Age: 34
Current Location: Mammoth Lakes, Ca
HEST Product: Dually Wide, Sleep Systems & Standard Pillow

Side, front or back Sleeper? Always try and start on my back.  Very rarely wake up that way.  

Any before bed rituals? Try to clear the mind with some meditation techniques.

Best dream you’ve had recently summed up in 3 words? Rarely remember dreams.

Early bird or night owl? Early bird, but now with 2 kids I find that I have to work late often to maximize my time while they are sleeping. 

Coolest place you’ve ever woken up in? A sail boat in the arctic circle. 

Land Legs or Sea Monster? Love both, but since I ski for a living and love climbing, I'm definitely in the mountains more often. 

Preferred method of getting your adrenaline/endorphins pumping? Ski, surf, climb, mountain bike. 

What is one thing you can’t camp without? Electric toothbrush.  ha, I can't brush my teeth without one now.  Never feel clean.  I even take it snow camping...

What do you enjoy most about Stealthy Marmot van adventures with your family?
The best thing about our van is simplifying our relatively complex life. Getting out of the door with the family in tow is always more difficult, more toys, more snacks, etc…but having a van forces you to only bring what’s necessary, and slow ourselves down.

Why is it important to get a good night's sleep when you are on van trips?
More energy for activities, and more patience for the kiddos.

The Dually was the perfect fit for the layout of our build. The foam is also moldable enough to fit into tighter spaces if need be. In addition, we can fit the  Sleep System across the 2 front seats for the toddler. We just let a little air out to fold up the end, so it fits the sideways length of the van. We have been very happy with the improved sleep. Anyone with a newborn can relate. You start to go a bit cross-eyed at times, so anything we can do to stay outside and on the road while feeling rested is a serious win. It took us a while to realize the importance of a good bed, until you have one. Now there’s no going back.