May 14, 2021 2 min read

The trails are calling! With temperatures warming up and trails drying out, the time is NOW to make a weekend out of mountain biking and camp along the way. Here are 5 tips we’ve found to help take your mountain bike camping to the next level:

BASECAMP: Location, location, location.

 Find a comfortable place to call home for the weekend where you can pop the top of the camper or pitch a tent. Ideally it is close to the trails so you just ride from camp to the trailhead in the morning and come back to your campsite Oasis with snacks and cold beer.


Before you hit the trail you always want to give your bike a once over, and it’s so much easier to do so and fix any problems if you have a trail doc/stand, extra points if your bike rack like this one from Kuat that has an integrated repair stand.

If you’re planning on biking multiple days, let that chamois see the sunshine! Putting it out in the sun to dry & sanitize in between rides makes all the difference when it’s time to saddle up & ride again. We recommend having a pair of apres shorts available post ride to change into like these new comfy Alturas Apres Bike Shorts from our friends over at Wild Rye.

Bring all the things you hope you never have to use; but if you do you are sure glad to have them! Or help a fellow rider out on the trail. Best to prepare for the worse, be sure to pack fix-a-flat tools, spare tubes, patch kit, multi-tool, lube, spare parts, chain links, tire levers, portable pumps, and of course the essentials: water, extra layers and snacks.

Anyone who’s ever taken a spill on a bike knows: wearing a helmet can save your life and wearing the proper protection can save your skin and bones from a lot of blood and pain. Protection is key from elbow and knee pads to sun hoodies from sun protection, be ready to take on the elements and technical sections of the trail.