September 15, 2022 2 min read

Let’s face it, a pillow can make or break a great night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find a flat, lifeless, loft-less pillow. No support + zero loft = a bad night’s sleep and a sore neck. Pillow loft is the compressed height of the pillow when your head is resting on it. Those flimsy, loft-less pillows on camping trips, or hotels are the reason you’ll toss and turn all night. 

At HEST, our products are engineered for optimal body alignment pressure point relief, and temperature regulation. Our pillows are designed with a contoured profile that rests in the neck and keeps the pillow in place when sleeping. And the best part is…the loft is adjustable. Yep, you read that right.

This is How to Remove and Add Fill to Get Your Desired Pillow Loft:

The HEST pillow is stuffed with a blend of shredded enhanced memory foam and polyester, to offer the support of a home pillow. The loft of the pillow is already quite desirable for most, however, for those that like a little less or more loft, we got you covered.



On the side of the pillow cover, you’ll see a zipper to access the white liner. 


take out pillow

Pull out the liner from the cover, and face the small white zipper towards you. Unzip, but not too much! You’ll see the fill start to spill out.


For a less lofty pillow - Remove the Fill & Zip Back Up

Dig in there and take out whatever amount of fill you would like. For those who like less loft, try taking out two handfuls of fill. For those who want a slight change in loft, try taking out about half a handful.


For a more lofty pillow - Add Fill & Zip Back Up

If you feel like you need more support, we can send you more loft to add to your pillow! Email us at and we will ship it to you directly.


put pillow cover on

Put the pillow back in the cover by feeding the pillow through the bottom. You can watch a video here to guide you:


test it out

Once you feel like you have acquired your desired loft-ness, go ahead and test it out. Try all sleeping positions: side, back, stomach, etc. Make sure you feel comfortable, and your neck alignment is correct. Too much loft can cause neck problems for some.



You did it! Now enjoy a great night sleep with your HEST Pillow.