September 19, 2022 2 min read

Something about the combo of jet lag & consecutive bad nights of sleep on strange beds can leave a person a certain type of devastatingly tired that only happens when traveling. At HEST, we are all too familiar with jet lag which is how we came to design our pillow. The worst part of exploring a new place? Not sleeping in your home bed. We created the HEST Pillow so home comfort can come with you, wherever your adventures bring you.

Quality Design & Execution

"I really love traveling with these. I often find myself redesigning things I use while bored or in my head... and legitimately, I haven't been able to come up with good critiques and redesigns of this. It does what it says it does, and marvelously meets my needs of it. I don't even think I would want it to pack smaller, especially if it sacrificed the loft/plush of the pillow... I think that's the only tradespace improvement to watch for down the road (loft/comfort vs packing-size).
Quality manufacturing too; the zippers and seam-stitches really seem sturdy. I'm not worried about them failing prematurely like can happen with other stuff/pack items. Support this small business!" 
- Stephen Y.

International Travel

"Recently I made the painful mistake of leaving my HEST Pillow at home at the last second before leaving for a month-long international trip. As soon as I shut my eyes on the departing red eye flight: regret & this was the only the beginning of the trip...night after night, pillow after pillow, I cursed myself for leaving the best travel pillow behind. The variety of pillows I slept on while traveling was wild. From one covered in a thick, cold plastic that crinkled under my ear with every move, hard brick type pillows, to limp, flat pillows that even folded in half. They didn't come close to properly supporting my head & neck. A month later, back from my adventure with a fading tan, spasming neck muscles and increasing pain. I will never make the mistake of leaving my HEST Pillow at home again. HEST makes best travel pillow hands down." 
- Quin, Content Creator for HEST
"International travel – my HEST pillow is leaving with me to go to Greece in two weeks. I use it on the plane as well as at all our hotels. It is not only comfortable; it also keeps me safer during this time with COVID. Thank you, HEST. I love your pillow." 
-Gail A.