Foamy Features

HOME MATTRESS COMFORT: Temperature Regulated Enhanced Memory Foam.  Two layer foam construction composed of high performance polyfoams found in leading home mattresses. The top layer is enhanced memory foam designed for pressure point relief & will perform in all ranges of temperatures encountered when camping. The high resilience of the bottom layer of foam provides ultimate support and body alignment while sleeping outdoors.

RUGGED OUTSIDE, COZY INSIDE:  Durable, Waterproof Lower Construction. A polyurethane coated nylon cover encases the bottom of the mattress, with a high side seam protects the luxury enhanced memory foam from the outdoor elements so you can sleep easy in damp or dirty conditions. 

Phone Pocket:  A conveniently located phone pocket at the top of the mattress is the perfect location for your smartphone, ear plugs, car keys, etc, keeping your essentials off the ground and easily accessible.

Linking Clips for Expandability:  The handy connector clips on the sides of the Foamy make it easy to expand your sleeping space when you’re rolling with a plus one.

 THOUGHTFUL DESIGN:  Welcome Mat When the Foamy is unrolled, the compression harness doubles as a welcome mat. Use it as a dry, flat platform to organize gear or change into your PJ’s and keep your feet clean before crashing in for the night.

TIGHT, COMPACT ROLL:  Integrated Compression Straps.  Packing up the Foamy is a cinch! Easy to use integrated compression straps keep the foam rolled tight.

TRANSPORTABLE:  Easy Carry HandleGrab & go! A durable metal handle makes transport a breeze. 

PORTABLE:  The Foamy rolls tight and packs small for easy transport and storage- leaving more room for the fun gear like skis, bikes, and surfboards. No air or pump needed.