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Designed to fit all three sizes of the HEST pillow, made with HEST’s jade-infused cooling fabric for optimal temperature regulation, enhanced airflow and a consistently cool and comfortable fabric to lay your head during sleep in warmer conditions.

"Upon the first touch, you can immediately feel the cooling fabric take effect! For someone who sleeps on the warmer side, having a cooling fabric to lay my head on is amazing.. -Calvin Y., HEST Customer

Experience optimal temperature regulation during your sleep with HEST’s jade-infused cooling fabric through the natural thermal conductivity of jade, known for its exceptional ability to dissipate heat. By integrating jade particles into the fabric, the stretch nylon not only draws excess heat away from your body but also promotes efficient moisture wicking and airflow, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night. Designed to fit all sizes of the HEST Pillow.

HEST Pillowcase Cooling

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