Fitted Sheet Cooling


HEST’s jade-infused cooling fabric offers optimal temperature regulation during sleep by leveraging jade’s natural thermal conductivity to dissipate heat effectively. Integrated jade particles enhance airflow and manage heat, ensuring a consistently cool and comfortable sleeping environment, ideal for warmer conditions. Fits perfect with HEST Mattresses

  • Fitted 25” Cooling: Fits Sleep System, Foamy
  • Fitted 30” Cooling: Fits Sleep System Wide, Foamy Wide
  • Fitted 50" Cooling: Fits Dually Long or Sleep System x 2, Foamy x 2

"Using cooling bedding on my HEST gear has completely transformed my outdoor sleeping experience. No more tossing and turning on hot summer nights - or if you run on the warmer side- the cooling bedding is key to a restful night's sleep under the stars." - Tara, HEST Customer

Experience optimal temperature regulation during your sleep with HEST’s jade-infused cooling fabric through the naturally high thermal conductivity of jade, known for its exceptional ability to dissipate heat. By integrating jade particles into the fabric, HEST Cooling Bedding absorbs heat, ensuring a consistently cool and comfortable sleeping environment, especially beneficial in warmer conditions. The stretch nylon fabric not only draws excess heat away from your body but also promotes efficient moisture wicking and air flow, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night. Designed to fit HEST Mattresses and pack into themselves for a portable outdoor ready solution with both comfort and performance.


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