Down Comforters

Down Comforter (Size)

The HEST Down Comforter, offered in both a single and double size, is designed based upon the science of better sleep to provide the comfort and warmth of your home comforter in a packable, smart, outdoor ready design. A Tote 50 is included with each comforter for storage and travel.

"Finally something designed for sleeping outdoors that isn't a sleeping bag, but goes beyond a blanket." - Tyler, Independence Overland 

The HEST Down Comforter features premium insulation of hydrophobic down paired with outdoor-ready easy to clean fabric. Smartly designed to include a clever cinch footbox which keeps the comforter in place while supporting thermoregulation throughout the night by allowing glabrous skin (hands and feet) to be exposed to reduce temperatures as needed for an optimal sleep experience outdoors. Clever features like top sheet loops and a cinch compression sack make the comforter easy to store, pack, & clean. Cozy up to the best outdoor comforter and sleep better with HEST.

Down Comforter

Not a Sleeping Bag; More than a Blanket