October 05, 2023 2 min read

Using your HEST Down Comforter and Top Sheet is very easy to use but has a few thoughtful design details to maximize your experience sleeping outdoors. Similar to an integrated system like your home bed, the HEST Down Comforter, Top Sheet and Fitted Sheets are all designed to fit perfectly with your HEST Mattress for a complete outdoor sleeping setup. However, the HEST Down Comforter also fits with other outdoor camping mattresses. The Top Sheet is not required, but it does help keep the down comforter fresher longer. 

Here are the details on how to make the most out of your HEST Down Comforter and Top Sheet that are easy to use, clean and store:


STORAGE: All HEST Down Comforters come with two storage options. It will arrive in a compressed stuff sack with an integrated mesh pocket holding a larger tote bag.

a.)Tote Bag- intelligently designed with compression cinch compartment to loosely store your comforter for longer term storage needs between uses.  Bonus: Store your Top Sheet, Bedding and HEST Pillows in the top section of tote

b.) Compression stuff sack- for a smaller, more packable option during travel and transport.  Bonus: Use the mesh pocket to store the tote bag during transport or smaller items like ear plugs or eye mask



1) Unpack Down Comforter from Tote or Stuff Sack Storage  

2) Locate the bottom of the comforter by finding the footbox cinch toggle and place it at the foot of the mattress.  

3) Spread the Comforter across your mattress with the Top Sheet loops facing up and the footbox cinch on the other side 

4) For a tidy tuck and draft protection at the feet, cinch the footbox so it starts to curl and tuck the corner around the corners of the Hest Mattress to keep everything in place throughout the night.  

5) For a looser fit and more circulation in warmer temps, release the cinch toggle and hang your feet out from the bottom of the comforter.



1) You can store the comforter with the top sheet attached or remove top sheet to wash  

2) Pull off the comforter (with or without top sheet), shake off any dirt or debris and stuff in the bottom of the tote..


Like with any camping gear, you’re going to want to properly air out/dry your HEST Down Comforter and Top Sheet after use & before longtime storage. Do not store after use when it is wet.   

The HEST Comforter can be spot cleaned as necessary, but it is designed, as well as the Top Sheet is, with water & dirt resistant fabric, so it stays fresh longer, but when it is time for a wash we recommend cold, gentle cycle and hang dry or use a machine dryer on low to make your bedding last longer. 

Store Comforter and Top Sheet in the Tote bag in a cool, dry place!