October 05, 2023 2 min read

You may be asking yourself:

Are you shopping for a HEST mattress and not sure which one is the best fit for you? We are here to help! 

To kick things off, here are a few important things to note:   

  • All our mattresses feature the same 3.9” two layer enhanced memory foam* (* the Sleep System comes with an additional  inflatable 3” dropstitch base but topped with the exact same foam as all  other HEST mattresses) 
  • Measure the width and the length of your sleeping area inside your tent, car, camper, van, etc.

  • Memory foam allows for some variance; so if your sleeping area measures  1-2 inches different from a HEST mattress measurement; it will still likely settle into the space just fine 


When referencing the HEST FLOW Chart above here are some more details about the questions we ask... and why we ask them: 

Q: Are you shopping for a single mattress or a two person mattress?

  • A: We ask this because we offer two single mattresses in two different sizes ( Foamy and Sleep System) and then one double mattress (Dually) in seven different sizes. 
  •  Bonus Answer: you can also consider getting two single mattresses, like our Foamy, and link them together for the same dimensions of a double mattress. 

Q: What's your adventure sleep setup?

  • A: We want to know where you’ll be using the HEST mattress…as a general rule of thumb, we recommend the Dually for semi-permanent flat spaces like the back of your truck, truck camper, vans, RVs or RTT; if you are camping in tent or the back of your car or on a boat we recommend something more portable like our Sleep System or Foamy.  Bonus Answer: Check out the cheat sheet below for all the specs.

Q: Is space/storage an issue for your adventure setup?

  • A: We ask this because our double mattress, the Dually, only folds in half. It was designed for semi-permanent, flat, dry spaces and when you aren’t using it you’ll need garage space to store it. Meanwhile, our single mattresses, the Foamy and Sleep System, both roll, making them slightly more portable.  
  •  Bonus Answer: Looking for a double mattress that is portable? Buy two Foamy mattresses.

Q: Do you have chronic pain or an injury that cause you to prefer a more supportive, firm mattress?

  • A: If Yes-- We recommend the Sleep System as its removable, inflatable dropstitch base consistently provides a supportive platform to sleep outdoors. You are able to customize the firmness of the dropstitch base depending on your needs and where you are sleeping.

Q: Okay, the flow chart says I should get a Dually….but what size? 

  • A: Here is a chart of all our Dually sizes and measurements:

Q: The flow chart says I should get a Foamy or Sleep System, which one? 

  • A: Here are the measurements for combining single mattresses to make a double.