October 10, 2023 3 min read

Fall is in full force, which means we are in the midst of hunting season. Whether you’ve been out there with your bow or meticulously planning for the rifle season to begin; your basecamp is a key factor of where you lay your head after a long day out. Early mornings and long nights stalking your game call for a comfortable basecamp to come back to. Let’s take a look into what makes the best hunting campsites feel like a home away from home until you tag out for the season.


Location, LOCATION, 

Some of the best kept secrets are where fellow hunters decide to spend their time each season. There is typically no service, locations are turned off on your phone and when people ask where you went - your lips are sealed. What we do know is that wherever you choose to hunt your game, you’ll be able to find a campsite or a flat place to rest your head. Making sure your basecamp is close to trail systems, where you want to hunt and water are all important factors in deciding where to set up.



Hunting is a long game, so you’ll want a big camp for the long spans of time you’re out in the woods. While not all of us have access to large outfitting tents, being able to spread out your hunting equipment and camping gear will be key to keeping organized, staying out longer, drying out and sheltering when a weather event rolls in. You can bring your camping tent, a tarp or even use your car to spread out your gear. Another great thing about a basecamp is that you can drive in your creature comforts like a camp chair, your HEST Sleep System or if you’re feeling fancy - a wood-fired stove.



Long days out, cold weather creeping in, bushwhacking, and weight on your back are all factors that lead to a tired body and mind. Making your basecamp comfortable and plush is critical to getting a good night's rest before you do it all over the next day. Our mattresses are made with memory foam to feel as comfortable as your bed at home. So pairing our durable and warm Sleep System with a HEST Pillow and fitted sheet will make for an enjoyable night of sleep. The worst part will be getting out of bed in the morning because you’re so cozy!



Hunting solo can be good for the soul, but we like to think that the best moments outside are shared with friends. While you don’t need to bring a crowd into the backcountry when you’re hunting, a partner can make calling in your game and packing it out that much easier. Hunting can be an intense mind game, so having someone to bounce strategies and ideas off of makes the process that much more enjoyable. Plus, conversations shared around a campfire are our favorite part about spending time outside.



When spending such a long time out in the backcountry, safety should always be a priority. While you may have a long hunting camping checklist, make sure to bring these camping essentials for your hunt along too. A satellite phone like a Garmin InReach is a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones and to get in touch with emergency services if something goes awry. Using GPS features on your InReach or mapping app will be a game changer to make sure you know how to get back to camp after walking off trail all day. Additionally, packing a first aid kit, water purifying tablets and extra layers are essentials to have just in case you get a cut, your water filter stops working or if the weather inevitably changes. 


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