April 04, 2024 3 min read

Planning your next getaway and wondering what to pack for a VRBO or Airbnb stay? From ensuring you have all the essential toiletries to keeping your devices charged and ready for adventures, here are seven essential packing tips to enhance your rental experience.

7 essential packing tips for your next VACATION RENTAL stay:


Must-have Toiletries in Travel Sizes:

While some rentals provide basic toiletries, it’s best not to assume. Pack travel-size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and any other personal hygiene products you can't live without. Including a small first-aid kit with basics like band-aids, pain relievers, and any necessary medications is also wise.


Charging Cables and Portable Power Banks: 

With the increasing number of gadgets we carry, keeping them charged can be a challenge, especially in a new place where outlets may be scarce or inconveniently located. Bring your charging cables and a portable power bank to ensure your devices are always ready to go.


Basic Seasonings and Cooking Essentials:

If you plan to cook or even just prepare coffee in the morning, consider bringing small amounts of essential seasonings and cooking basics like salt, pepper, your favorite spices, and perhaps a small supply of coffee or tea. If traveling by land ( and not air) packing your own kitchen knife if you are planning to cook at the rental is always a nice thing to have. While many hosts provide these, the selection and availability can vary widely.


Bring your own pillows:

Have you wondered how many times that pillow on the beds in your vacation rental has been washed? How many heads have slept on that pillow? Sorry, that’s tough image to forget... Consider bringing your own pillow on your next vacation rental trip. The HEST pillow is a convenient portable pillow that is perfect for VRBOs and AirBNBs. It packs up for the trip and unfolds into a comfortable memory foam pillow keeping your face clean while enjoying  the comfort knowing of home.


Bring your own Water:

Bringing your own drinking water to your VRBO or Airbnb is a wise move, especially for stays in remote locations or areas where the tap water quality might be questionable. It ensures you have access to safe hydration right from the start of your stay, avoiding any inconvenience or health concerns. Additionally, it's a step towards sustainability, reducing the need for purchasing single-use plastic bottles during your trip.


Not enough beds? Bring your own spare mattress:

Sometimes you have the perfect VRBO or AirBNB, but not enough beds. Rather than having the kids sleep on the couch, bring your own portable mattress like a HEST Foamy so they are comfortable. The HEST Foamy fits easily in the back of your car and rolls out into a comfortable memory foam mattress with no air pumps needed. It’s an easy comfortable solution for kids that get stuck sleeping on the ground. Bonus tip: bring your own travel HEST fitted sheets and HEST comforter to make sure you have the bedding needed for these additional mattresses. 


Entertainment for Downtime:

Even if you plan to spend most of your time exploring, having entertainment for quiet evenings or rainy days is essential. Pack a couple of books, download movies or series on your tablet, or bring compact travel games. If you're musically inclined or enjoy drawing, a small instrument or a sketchpad can also be great to bring along.

Bonus Tip:

Comfort Items: Don’t forget to pack a few items that make any place feel more like home, whether it’s a favorite pair of slippers, a small travel candle with your favorite scent, or a cozy travel down comforter, like the HEST Comforter. Especially for longer stays, these small comforts can significantly enhance your experience.



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