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Life on the road, a mobile office, and waking up in the most amazing places - the allure of van life is real. With spring and summer adventures at the top of our minds, building out your campervan might be the next step in making that mobile dream into a reality. Whether you’re building out your dream van or just want to make some easy tweaks to make your rig a bit more organized and enjoyable, we’ve got 10 tips to bring your campervan buildout to the next level.

10 best campervan buildout hacks


Multi-Functional Furniture

When you’ve got a small space, it’s important to be mindful of making furniture pieces that serve dual purposes. Some examples are benches that can function as seating, but also your closet, or even a bed. Tables that can be tucked away when not in use, or even act as a structural piece to your bed when you transition from day to night.


Insulation and Heat

Let’s get down to basics. Before you even start putting anything in your van, you should think about insulation. Adding insulation before you put in cabinets or a bed will ensure that you’ll stay warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s unbearably hot outside. While the insulation is helpful in the winter, adding a heat mechanism for the colder months will also be crucial in staying comfortable when it’s chilly out. 


Pick the right mattress

No one wants to build out their whole home on wheels just for their mattress to be uncomfortable! A mattress with temperature resilient memory foam, like all HEST mattresses, will stay comfortable even if you’re camping in cold temperatures. Plus, we’ve even got dedicated Campervan mattresses that will be sure to fit your exact van dimensions. If you’re taking the time to build out your campervan, choosing a mattress that’s going to want to make you continue doing van life is key.


Magnets and Bungee cords

When your whole life is on wheels, you need to make sure everything will stay in place during transit. We suggest using magnets and bungee cords to keep everything where you want it, even on the windiest of roads. Spices are a great example of how magnets can be a space and life saver. You can add a magnetic strip below a cabinet in your kitchen space and with metal tops for your spices, you can easily have your spice rack hang from your cabinet without taking up extra space in your drawers. If you feel like things might fall out or over when you’re driving, you can also secure them with bungee cords for added protection.


hooks everywhere

When living in a small space, it can be hard to find enough places to store all of your things. If you need quick access to things every day and storing them away in a drawer or cabinet doesn’t make sense - hooks are your answer. Hooks on any space that make sense can hold your jackets in the winter, your climbing gear in the summer, or your dog’s leash all year round. We also love hooks to dry out our wet gear after a day of adventuring!


handheld vacuum

Small spaces mean things get messy faster. When you’re out on the road, camping and adventuring around it's easy for the dirt from your day to travel back into your home on wheels too. Keeping a handheld, rechargeable vacuum on hand will make it easy for you to tidy up in just a few minutes, so your space doesn’t feel dirty or messy for too long. 


Blackout curtains or shades

Curtains serve multiple purposes when it comes to van life. One, to keep the light out when you are sleeping in. Two, to maintain privacy when you’re parked in a more public space. Three, to keep in the heat when you’re camping in colder climates and keep the heat out when you’re in hotter climates. Our tip is to buy reflective window shades and you can use the reflective (silver) side when it’s hot out to keep the heat out and the black side when it’s cold to help get some heat  in your campervan.


Invest in a Gym membership

The one drawback of van life is the access to showers. If you’re not in a place to use your outdoor shower, you can always find a gym that has locations across the country to get a nice shower in (and maybe a workout too). Gyms like Anytime Fitness have locations across the country and have affordable membership options, so no matter where you are, you can access a nice shower!


Outside storage

If you’re full-timing it out of your campervan, you may have some larger items - think skis or snowboards - that you don’t need during those warmer months. Maximizing storage for things you don’t use all the time with roof-racks or roof boxes, will make sure they have a safe and secure place to live, without being in the way when you don’t need to use the gear. 


Personal Touch

At the end of the day, this is your space! Making it your own is very important, especially if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in your campervan. Little things like cute bedding or some fun accent pillows can go a long way. Want to hang a disco ball from your ceiling? Go for it. Are you really into pottery? Having some fun ceramic mugs can give your kitchen space some personality. Remember that having fun with your space is half the fun of having a campervan in the first place!



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