Tote Features

CARRY STRAPS: The carry straps are designed with double enforced handles for comfort and daisy chain webbing for plenty of convenient carabiner clipping. Keys, stinky climbing shoes, waterbottles, whatever… clip it on!

COMPRESSION CINCH COMPARTMENT: Keep your clean stuff clean! The compression cinch compartment allows you to separate the Tote 50 into two compartments, so your dirty laundry doesn’t stink up your clean stuff. Wet, smelly, dirty, damp - just cinch & separate!

CARRY ALL SOLUTION:  From bedding to books, anyone who’s been on an adventure knows you end up with lots of smaller random stuff floating around. The Tote 50 is generously sized to become the junk drawer of your camping set up. Bedding stays clean and fresh, books stay dry, and all those random little things finally have a place to live.

OUTSIDE STASH POCKET: The outside stash pocket is the perfect easy access place to keep your phone, or other smalls you use often and don’t want to have to rummage around for in the main compartment.

OUTDOOR READY MATERIAL: The Tote 50 is puddle proof! With weather resistant materials and a rugged, double enforced bottom construction you can set the Tote down wherever without worry about its contents getting dirty or wet.

PACKABLE:Most of the time the Tote 50 is the vessel that you’ll be packing other stuff into, but, on the rare occasion you need to reverse roles and pack it into something else, the Tote 50 folds up nice and flat. Plus it’s made with lightweight material, so your checked bag weight limit won’t take a hit. A travel friendly beach/extra souvenir bag, the Tote 50 is ready for your next vacation.