Fitted Sheet Cooling Features

JADE COOLING FABRIC: Through thermal effusivity, integrated jade particles in the fabric absorb heat from the environment. Jade’s high thermal conductivity quickly extracts heat upon contact providing immediate cooling and comfort, especially in warm environments.    

HEST MATTRESS COMPATIBLE: Just like your home sheet, the HEST Fitted sheet Cooling is made out of premium quality fabric. It’s memory foam compatible and portable for sleeping on the go just like your HEST mattress.    

STASH POCKET: While in sleep mode the stash pocket is a perfect place to keep phones, keys, headlamps, etc. Just like your nightstand at home, you can sleep comfortably knowing your important things are secure & easy to reach.

REMOVABLE & WASHABLE: Fresh and clean like your home bed! The Fitted Sheet is easy to remove & machine washable, keeping your HEST mattress fresher for longer.

TRANSPORTABLE: Grab & go! An integrated stow pocket with travel loop makes storing, packing & transportation a breeze. The HEST Fitted Sheet is designed to pack into its stash pocket for easy stowage.

OUTDOOR READY: Built for all-terrain travel in all kinds of weather. The breathable soft stretch fabric is dirt resistant and temperature resilient. 

FITTED CORNERS: Don’t get caught slipping! Just like your home sheets: the HEST Fitted Sheet Cooling is designed to the exact dimensions of our mattresses, so the sheet stays in place even if you toss or turn throughout the night. 

*Patent Pending