Dually Platform 50

EASY CARRY HANDLE: Grab & go! Each piece includes an easy carry handle for easy transport when setting up or breaking down.

STRETCH MATTRESS COVER: Washable, Stretch Twill Nylon Cover. The memory foam camping mattress has a cover made of stretch nylon twill on the top and a polyurethane coated nylon on the bottom. The top material is moisture wicking and stretches to allow the high-performance foam to contour to different body shapes and sleeping positions, whether you are a front sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper. The cover zips off easily for machine washing.

READY FOR THE OUTDOORS:  Built for all-terrain travel in all kinds of weather, the Foamy’s materials were selected with adventures in mind: temperature resilient foam sourced for those cold winter nights & waterproof cover fabric for when the camping trip turns soggy.

MODULAR DESIGN: Includes four separate enhanced memory foam pieces to perfectly fit inside a GFC Standard Platform. The mattress can be stored inside a closed GFC.

SEAMLESS DESIGN: Functional & thoughtful design ensures that the space between the modular designs do not affect the sleep performance of the mattress. Don’t worry about falling into a crack mid slumber, the four memory foam pieces merge and fit together perfectly.

HOME MATTRESS COMFORTTemperature Regulated Enhanced Memory Foam. Two layer foam construction composed of high performance polyfoams found in leading home mattresses. The top layer is enhanced memory foam designed for pressure point relief & will perform in all ranges of temperatures encountered when camping. The high resilience of the bottom layer of foam provides ultimate support and body alignment while sleeping outdoors.

STORAGE: The Mattress is 3.9" thick and can be left inside a closed GFC for easy use and storage.

CUSTOMIZE FOR GFC STANDARD PLATFORM CAMPERS: The Dually Platform 50 was designed specifically for the GFC Standard Platform Camper. Even the two small square memory foam pieces are designed to accommodate the polycore stiffening boards that come with your GFC to extend the full length of the bed inside your camper.