Down Comforter Features


HOME COMFORT, BUILT FOR ADVENTURE: Using high performance hydrophobic down and washable premium fabric suited for the outdoors, the HEST Comforter provides the same comforts of your home bed in a portable, easy to clean form.

PREMIUM QUIET FABRIC: The down proof, soft fabric is chosen for its comfort features that are quiet to the touch and movement, while slightly textured to avoid slipping off you constantly throughout the night. 

HYDROPHOBIC RESPONSIBLE DUCK DOWN:  The HEST Comforter is made with hydrophobic duck down to provide maximum insulation and warmth even if it rains! The down is certified to the responsible down standard, ensuring the waterfowl have been treated humanely. 

TOP SHEET COMPATIBLE: The HEST Comforter is designed with top sheet loops so it’s easy to keep your sheet and comforter together, no slipping or sliding. The top sheet adds a level of home comfort, warmth and keeps your HEST comforter fresher for longer with an easy option to remove & wash. 

MACHINE WASHABLE:  Fresh and clean like your home bed! The HEST Comforter is easy to wash. Plus paired with the added functionality of the Top Sheet, it’s even easier to keep your Comforter fresh & clean. 

CINCH & TUCK FOOTBOX:  Designed with an adjustable footbox cinch so you can customize your sleeping preference for a tidy tuck with draft protection or a loose fit for free range feet. When cinched around the foot of the mattress, the comforter stays tucked and tidy with draft protection as well as prevents it from easily sliding off or from one partner hogging too much as they shift positions throughout the night. For more ventilation, simply release the cinch toggle and hang your feet outside the comforter to cool down. 

650 FILL:  With a fill power of 650, the HEST comforter is lofty, warm, and comfortable. Double Comforter Fill Weight: 880 g; Single Comforter Fill Weight: 580 g. 

HEST MATTRESS COMPATIBLE:  Designed to spec with all sizes of HEST mattresses; the high r-value memory foam below you and hydrophobic duck down on top home comfort is truly achievable in the outdoors! The HEST Comforter can also of course be used separately as a throw blanket or with another kind of camping pad! 

OUTDOOR READY: Built for all-terrain travel in all kinds of weather; with a recommended temperature range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above.  The 40D Polyester fabric is coated with a PFC free finish, so it’s dirt & water resistant. 

COMPRESSION + STORAGE SACKS INCLUDED:  With each purchase, the HEST Down Comforter includes two portable storage options. For full HEST bedding organization and longer term storage to promote healthy loft and longevity, we recommend using the Tote Bag. For shorter term needs where space and being transportable deems importance, a compression sack is included as well. 

*US Patent pending