Bundle Features



INTEGRATED COMPRESSION HARNESS: The Foamy's durable clips & straps make it easy to pack small. 

EASY CARRY HANDLE: Grab & go, a durable handle makes transport a breeze. 

WELCOME MAT:  When the Foamy is unrolled, the compression harness doubles as a welcome mat.  Use it as a dry, flat platform to change on. 

LINKING CLIPS:  The handy connector clips on the sides of the Foamy make it easy to expand your sleeping space when you're rolling with a plus one. 

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION:  Waterproof lower fabric encases the bottom of the mattress, keeping you and the memory foam dry even when it starts to get soggy out. 


CARRY-BAG: The Sleep System comes with a durable messenger bag for transporting both your mattress and pump to and from your campsite.

OUTDOOR READY MATERIALS: Waterproof & dirt resistant materials were selected with the great outdoors in mind. 

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION:  Abrasion resistant lower fabric perched on top of an inflatable drop stitch base.  Keeping you and the memory foam dry even when it starts to get soggy out. 

STABLE DROP-STITCH BASE:  An inflatable layer with thousands of strainlocked polyester thread allowing it to reach high internal pressure to create a solid and durable sleeping platform.