September 21, 2023 3 min read

HEST two person mattress Guide: Dually vs. Two Foamies

For couples who love spending quality time together outside, a comfortable and durable camping mattress is essential - but how do you choose the best camping mattress for two people? We’ve narrowed it down to two options, the Dually and the Foamy. While both mattresses have their benefits, we’ll walk you through why one Dually or two Foamies might suit you better for your next camping trip together.

First, let’s talk about the key features that the Dually and Foamy share - so you know you’re getting the best camping gear for better sleep. Both mattresses have two layers of high performance Memory Foam that give you the same comfort of your mattress at home. What makes these mattresses different from your bed is the top layer of temperature resilientfoam contours to your body - so you stay comfortable and the mattress won’t freeze when the temperature dips at night. The bottom layer of both mattresses will provide support and pressure point relief all while being covered with water and dirt resistant material, so you don’t need to worry about getting the mattress a little dirty - it's inevitable when you’re camping!

Some of our favorite features show the thought that went into the design of each mattress. You’ll find a stash pocket so you can keep your phone, ear plugs, or a nice midnight snack to keep close while you sleep. Plus, once your camping trip is over, you can remove the cover and throw it in the wash. The best part is - you can leave your inflatable camping mattress at the door and save your lungs from some heavy lifting because both don’t require any inflating.  It’s the little things that go a long way on the Dually and the Foamy, but let’s get into how they differ so you can make the right choice.


Our Dually mattress was designed with couples (and even your pup) in mind who love camping in places like truck bed campers, rooftop tent pop-ups, and larger tents. The Dually should feel just like a queen bed at home and can act as a more permanent sleep system in your rig. So if you’re used to sharing a bed with your partner, you’ll have enough space to spread out or cuddle up because there’s no awkward gap between your sleeping pads.

If you’re looking for more space in your rig during the day, the Dually folds in half and has an abrasion resistant bottom material, so you can throw all your gear on top of it. Plus, the Dually comes in four different sizes, so no matter the size of your rig, we have a Dually that fits! Be sure to measure your camping set up to see if the Dually Short, Long, Wide or Queen will fit best for your space.


If the Dually seems like too big of a mattress, you can grab two Foamies. You can think of the Foamy as a twin mattress equivalent and is more convenient to pack away and store. Having two Foamies is a great option for campers that don’t want to sacrifice comfort in a smaller camping space, like a tent or smaller vehicle. The foamy rolls up and compacts much smaller than the Dually, so packing for your adventure won’t be a game of Tetris in your trunk.

If you’re looking to cuddle up with your significant other, you can link the two (or more) mattresses together, so you never feel too far from them because, once linked, the mattresses won’t shift through the night. Alternatively, if your sleeping mate tends to toss and turn or kick you out of the bed, you can detach the Foamies so you can have your own space. When shopping for your new camping mattress you’ll find the Foamy comes in two different sizes - so make sure you do some measurements to see which will fit best wherever you lay your head out there!



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