December 21, 2021 2 min read

Did you know that memory foam found in the home environment becomes rock solid when exposed to temperatures below +40 degrees fahrenheit?  

It’s because Memory Foam for home beds are designed for the ideal home environment temperature range, which most commonly doesn’t reach below +60 degrees fahrenheit

Unfortunately, a lot of people try to cut their home memory foam mattresses and put them in their car camping, van, camper or RV setup to use as a sleeping pad in the outdoors. Only to be extremely disappointed to come back to camp at night, in the cold, to find that their mattress is rock hard and uncomfortable to sleep on.  

The enhanced memory foam found in all HEST camping mattresses are temperature resilient meaning they perform in all temperatures, retaining shape, comfort and viscoelastic performance in temperatures below +40 degrees fahrenheit. Better alternative to the memory foam sleeping pad you currently use in your RV or camper.

HEST vs. HOME Memory Foam in Cold Temperatures Found While Winter Camping 

At the HESTquarters ( aka the HEST HQ) we did a fun little science experiment to showcase the HEST enhanced memory foam’s performance in cold temperatures when compared to HOME Memory Foam:  

1) We took the same-sized sample of HEST Memory Foam and Home Mattress Memory Foam and stuck them both in the freezer for twenty minutes at freezing temperatures ( below 32 degrees fahrenheit)  

2) Pulled both foams and struck a hammer down on both of them.  

What we found:  

1) Home Memory Foam was ROCK SOLID- imagine putting your head or body down to sleep on that for the night? Might as well sleep on the ground! 

2) HEST Enhanced Memory Foam retained its shape, comfort and viscoelastic performance.  

The HEST enhanced memory foam has billions of microscopic air cells which are smaller than traditional home foam, which means it traps more air (and also requires more force to release the air... why we recommend SLOWLY rolling your HEST pad to allow the air to escape the billions of foam cells).  These mechanical qualities create the viscoelastic performance similar to traditional memory foam but at any temperature. 

HEST was built for adventure and designed to bring the comforts of your home to the outdoors. We understand your bed at home is sacred, but it’s also not realistic to pack up and hit the road with your bed. Hence why we were inspired to create HEST and why we were obsessed with finding the perfect memory foam that will perform in the great outdoors. If you value a good night’s sleep, we highly recommend the enhanced memory foam offered in our camping mattresses. Proper body alignment, pressure point relief, and temperature regulation throughout a variety of climate ranges: our foam works wherever your adventures take you so you can sleep well, play more, and get outdoors sooner!