December 21, 2021 2 min read

Let’s be honest, traveling with your home pillow is not ideal. On the airplane, it is bulky and hard to pack. In the car or your camper van, on a road trip, it takes up a lot of space in the car and gets dirty real quick when it's piled up against all your gear or luggage, picking up dirt, odors and being vulnerable to getting wet and damp from natural elements.   

Traveling with the HEST pillow is a whole new experience.  It’s portable, durable and comfortable. It is intelligently designed to fold into itself, and compacts into a smaller size with its patent-pending machine washable, dirt and water-resistant cover with zipper protection to keep the pillow’s sleeping surface clean and protected during transport.  

At the end of the day, don’t you prefer a clean sleeping surface to lay your head down on rather than a dirty pillow case that has been exposed to dirt, germs, grim and other natural elements?   

We did a side by side comparison of the HEST Pillow vs. a home pillow. Check out this video to see how the HEST Pillow is superior to the home pillow when it comes to traveling.   

Benefits of the HEST Pillow Travel Mode and Cover

Yes, we dumped real live leaves, dirt and water on both the pillows. The home pillow got destroyed, it was wet and messy. The HEST Pillow’s water and dirt resistant, washable cover kept the inside pillow dry and clean.

The best part is our HEST travel pillow features everything you love in your home pillow, optimal support, comfy alignment. soft surface, and breathable airflow to maintain a perfect sleeping temperature.    

Leave your home pillow on your home bed and take the HEST Pillow on your next trip!