February 02, 2023 1 min read

HEST Hound is a tribute to our canine family members and friends. Good dogs gather round. If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email info@hest.com.

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Doggo Name:  Beau

Nickname: Beausef, Beau-Beau, Furry Prince

Human Name:  Ambuske Family

Home Base: Seattle, WA


Age:  4 Years old (28 human years)

Average hours of napping per day: 8 hours

 Job: Warehouse Dog Extraordinaire

Who’s in your adventure squad?  

The whole family plus or minus some depending on when the hoomans are away at college or work.

Favorite pastime/adventure? 

Playing fetch in the warehouse, going on runs/walks & getting scratches on my tummy.

Special trick? 

Sitting like a human in the car.

Favorite treat/snack? 

Cheese sticks.

Are you a Winter or Summer dog? 

With such short fur I get kinda chilly in the winter.

Best place to sniff? 

The best sniffs are everywhere!

Fill in the blank:

Throw my ball for me  and you’ll be my new best friend.

Favorite body part to be scritched? 


Best doggie gear? 

I love my Stunt Puppy jacket because it sure does get drafty in the warehouse sometimes! The jacket keeps me warm and it’s shiny so cars can see me better even at night.  

Favorite nap spot? 

Oh boy that’s tough! A tie between my HEST Dog Bed and right on top of human feets.