February 02, 2023 3 min read

Our mission at HEST is to bring the comfort of home to the outdoors, enabling more people to chase adventure and enjoy the great outdoors. We understand that getting outside can be intimidating… between the bugs, an overwhelming amount of gear options, and the dread of sleeping poorly. The good news is: sleeping well makes all the difference and you don’t need a luxury RV, camper or tricked out rig to make that happen. All you need is a comfortable place to lay your head. To celebrate the simplicity of getting outdoors with your family, friends or by yourself, we present “HEST Nests” a new blog category featuring unique camping set ups and tricks to creating a cozy nest in the woods from people who are out there doing it.

If you would like your camping set up featured on HEST Nests, please send us info and images to info@hest.com

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Your name: Ameera Sylvian

Home Base: Portland, OR

Set Up: 

Chevy Silverado 1500 6.5 ft bed with a Rightline Gear truck bed tent

Favorite Camp Spot: 

I have a few favorite spots in Mt Hood, Bend, and Sisters!

HEST products: 

2 x 25" Sleep Systems, HEST X: Pollard Pillow, Medium Dog Bed

Most beautiful place you’ve ever woken up?

In the White Mountains back when I used to live in NH!

 Who’s in your adventure squad?  

My partner Mitch, and our three dogs: Cairo, Marshall, and Seven.

Advice for first time campers?

Embrace things not going to plan - camping is all about adapting. And bring snacks! 

On your average weekend adventure, what is the gear set up you bring with you? What do you like most about your set up?

We pack up the truck with our Sleep Systems and Dog Beds – then pop the tent up in the truck bed when we get there. The set up is incredibly comfortable and fits 2 humans and 3 dogs – we sleep like babies in there!

Any upgrades or improvements you’re planning for your set up?

Eventually I hope to get a Softopper so that we can move campsites more easily or run into town without having to set the tent back up.

What’s the one creature comfort you can’t camp without?

A good pillow and delicious snacks!

What do you look for in a campsite?

A good place for the dogs to run free without having to worry too much about them.

Best camp meal? 


Worst of night of sleep while camping?

Slippery inflatable sleeping pad and slippery sleeping bag. Enough said.

Any special camp traditions?

Nothing in particular, but we ALWAYS have the dogs with us. It just isn’t the same without them!

What’s your next camping adventure?

I don’t have anything planned, but we only got a few trips out of the truck bed tent last summer – our previous setup was a two person tent which was a tight squeeze – so I’m really excited to plan some more trips knowing how comfortably we sleep in the truck bed.

Advice for camping or traveling with dogs?

Research where you’re going and any potential dangers – the last time we went camping we had to keep the dogs close due to seeing a couple of rattlesnakes. And don’t forget their favorite treats! :)