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HEST X Wild Rye Camp Pillow

HEST X Wild Rye Camp Pillow

HEST X Wild Rye Limited Series Camp Pillow is a celebration of collaboration. We’ve teamed up with our brand friends over at Wild Rye to offer this tropical dreamy fun print on our best selling Camp Pillow.

"Weekend bike trips typically involve camping, so we were excited to join forces and offer our community a solution for a better night’s rest, with the addition of some Wild Rye character."- Cassie Abel, Founder of Wild Rye

The best travel and camping pillow is designed to provide home-pillow comfort with shredded memory foam but in a compact, portable adventure-ready package. The HEST X Wild Rye Camp Pillow has a ton of technical features and tidy details wrapped into a tiny portable pillow package. It's durable, clean, and best of all, ready to go anywhere your head goes. Perfect for sleeping on airplanes, road trips, AirBnB's, motels, tent camping, van life, or for nightly use. The temperature resilient memory foam will keep your head in the clouds while the durable and pack-into-itself feature will keep it clean while you play.

The HEST X Wild Rye Pillow

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