June 09, 2023 3 min read

What was the inspiration behind the artwork used in the HEST X Wild Rye Pillow?

Our Deco Birds print is a spinoff on our Spring 23 inspirations that consist primarily of jungle flora and fauna. As you explore our prints from this season you might notice familiar animals and foliage sprinkled throughout the entire collection. We wanted to bring that same vibe to this print, but with a slight spin on it. Our designer was inspired by the art deco era - particularly the eclectic and vibrant architecture and poster artwork. She created a jungle scene filled with an array of birds and plants; with small nods to the artistic style of the era.

How would you describe Wild Rye’s brand mission?

Wild Rye is on a mission to make the outdoors accessible and inclusive to all femme-identifying folk. Our goal is to be the brand of choice for women across all outdoor activities. And we are doing this by building a community focused on having fun, embracing everyone and meeting people where they’re at - no matter what that looks like. Also, we’re committed to protecting the places we play, and are proudly B Corp certified as of almost exactly a year ago.

How does Wild Rye celebrate and inspire women-identifying outdoor-lovers? 

Wild Rye is made by and for femme-identifying individuals who love to play outside. The entire ethos of our brand is to celebrate the people who often get overlooked or pushed to the wayside. We make a point to celebrate however women play outside, from the podiums to the selfie-filled wildflower rides with friends.

We LOVE Women Led Wednesday. Can you share more about your involvement within the movement?

For those who aren’t familiar, Women Led Wednesday is a conscious shopping holiday that occurs annually the Wednesday before Thanksgiving focused on supporting women-owned and led businesses. Running a women-led company in a male-dominated industry is difficult and even isolating at times, so the Women Led Wednesday movement is incredibly important and personal to me. I started WLW because while I’m passionate about the success and longevity of Wild Rye, I am also committed to championing the success of women-led brands everywhere.

Any advice for women-identifying outdoor-lovers to succeed in such a male-dominated space?

Find your people. As cliche as it sounds, finding a group of like-minded individuals to get out and adventure with is such a game changer. The more comfortable you are in a space the more you are able to enjoy and excel. I’ve found this to be particularly true in outdoor spaces. I am so much more willing to push myself and find my strength and voice when I have a strong, inspiring and FUN group of friends.

What’s your favorite MTB Trail?

Oh gosh. This question gets me all the time because it’s just so. dang. hard to choose! I gotta say Fischer Creek trail in Stanley, ID is my favorite summer go-to on the weekends. It’s a social road climb up and the most fun, flowy downhill through deep Idaho terrain on the descents. Also a really great view for tailgate beers aprés.

How does Mountain Biking inspire and inform Wild Rye’s product design?

Wild Rye is a mountain biking brand, first and foremost. Biking is at the heart of who we are and why we exist. Even as we launch into other sports and ventures, we try to stay true to these roots. We want all of our clothes to be multi-use. Sure we make cute as heck overalls, but they only truly succeed if you can rip around on a bike in them as well.

How did HEST and Wild Rye become brand friends?

HEST and Wild Rye go way back. Before I started Wild Rye, I ran a PR firm and we were lucky enough to play a part in the initial launch of HEST. Beyond that, I’m also just a die-hard HEST mattress fan. I’ve been called out for telling anyone who will listen that I consistently have my best sleeps on the mattresses, and that I made my husband bring the mattress to the hospital to sleep on when my son was born.

How much do you think a Wild Rye customer could benefit from a good night’s sleep from HEST when camping/adventuring outdoors?

More than they could ever know. The Wild Rye customer plays hard and works hard - which means they likely have a few aches and pains from too many miles on the trail and not nearly enough rest days. No matter what the world throws at you – a rocky ride, a grueling summit, a pack of screaming kids – everything is easier with a good night’s sleep.