Foamy Seat Cushion Features


ENHANCED MEMORY FOAM: Two layers of high performance polyfoams found in leading home mattresses.  Top layer is a plush body contouring & temperature resilient foam.  Bottom layer provides support & pressure point relief.

REMOVABLE & WASHABLE COVER:  Hair, dirt, & water are easy to wipe/brush off the tear resistant stretch nylon twill. When it does need a deeper clean, the cover is easy to remove & machine wash.

COMPACT ROLL DESIGN:  The Foamy Seat Cushion rolls tight for easy transport and storage.  Our most portable design to date. 

INTEGRATED COMPRESSION HARNESS:  The Foamy Seat Cushion durable clips & straps make it easy to pack small.

 EASY CARRY HANDLE:  Grab & Go, a durable handle makes transport a breeze 

DIRT & WATER RESISTANT: Waterproof & dirt resistant materials were selected with the great outdoors in mind. 

TEMPERATURE RESILIENT:  Our temperature resilient memory foam was sourced to perform in cold temperatures. 

WATERPROOF LOWER CONSTRUCTION:  Waterproof lower fabric encases the bottom of the mattress, keeping your bum and the memory foam dry even when it starts to get soggy out.