February 08, 2024 2 min read

My name is Heimana Reynolds and I am a professional skateboarder from Honolulu, Hawaii. I am now based in San Diego mainly but bounce back and forth pretty often. I am a men’s skateboard park World Champion and I competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for Team USA. I am currently competing and shooting for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games as well. Outside of skateboarding I am a huge adventure enthusiast and always in search of the next adrenaline rush. I have a 2017 Tacoma that I have built to withstand all my adventures and outdoor activities. 

Full Name: Heimana Reynolds
Specialty:Professional skateboarder and surfer 
Current Location:San Diego, California 
HEST products: HEST Dually LongFitted Sheets, Pillow & Down Comforter w/ Top Sheet
What kind of sleeper are you ? I feel like I’m mainly a tornado sleeper… I move around and and spin to different positions till I find which is comfiest that night specifically. 

Any before bed rituals?Any funny tv show that i’ve seen a thousand times - Family guy, rick and morty, Friends, and Seinfeld are usually my go-to’s. 
Best dream you’ve had recently summed up in 3 words? Huge fricken waves 
Early bird or night owl? Early bird. Nothing beats watching the sunrise from in the ocean. 
Coolest place you’ve ever woken up in? Huahine, Tahiti
Land Legs or Sea Monster?  Coming from Hawaii I feel like I’m more of a Sea Monster at heart. Living in California now I’m really trying to get my land legs going and hit the mountains more.

Preferred method of getting your adrenaline/endorphins pumping?  Skateboarding and surfing are my main outlets but I truly enjoy many hobbies… I really love snowboarding, cliff jumping, free diving, off roading, camping, honestly anything outdoors and I’m fired up. 
What is one thing you can’t camp without? I feel like I’ve always been a pretty low maintenance camper. Ever since I was little I could go camping in Hawaii and bring nothing but water and the clothes on my back. But being in California with a rooftop tent and a cozy mattress. I feel spoiled. I couldn’t imagine camping without a cozy place to sleep now.
Dreams & goals for the next couple years? I hope to continue progressing at skateboarding and sharing my love for it to the next generation. I also want to continue creating videos of my life and follow the most adventures roads I can find.   
Tips/advice to your younger self? Don’t rush. Whether it’s learning a new trick, waiting for a wave, building your truck, or growing up, just sit back and enjoy the ride.