May 04, 2021 2 min read

The  Sleep System  was designed with versatility in mind. While the drop stitch base serves a primary purpose of providing elevation, added firmness, & insulation when sleeping on uneven or damp surfaces, that’s not all it can be used for!  Unzip the base from the memory foam top and explore all the alternative functions for this dynamic piece of equipment.


The base is made from the same strain locked polyester threads as your inflatable SUP board, so pumped up to full rigidity this puppy can float!  Great for bodies or in calm water a floating beer pong table.


Pop the base on top of your tailgate and voila! you’ve got yourself a perfect bar.


The drop stitch base creates a flat, rigid, spill resistant surface when placed atop two similarly sized rocks or logs, or whatever else is available in your campsite. A makeshift table is great for cooking, playing poker, or holding your coffee.


Already have a picnic table? Sometimes camp spots come with their own tables, but sometimes those tables aren’t the cleanest… lay your uninflated base down to create a clean, wipeable barrier protecting your food from whatever mysterious leftovers are underneath.

Shady Spot

When propped up on a car, tree or rock wall the Sleep System’s drop stitch base makes a shady little hideaway for coolers, furry friends, or anything else you don’t want to melt in direct sunlight.

Changing Table 

Baby on board!  Camping with little ones can present its own unique set of challenges & packing decisions, but with the Dropstitch base you can ditch the changing pad at home.  The drop stitch's waterproof surface is stable for diaper changes and super easy to clean when sh*t gets messy...

Firewood Caddy 

When deflated use the splinter proof base to cradle your firewood and keep those pesky woodchips from poking up your trunk