October 11, 2022 2 min read

Our mission at HEST is to bring the comfort of home to the outdoors, enabling more people to chase adventure and enjoy the great outdoors. We understand that getting outside can be intimidating… between the bugs, an overwhelming amount of gear options, and the dread of sleeping poorly. The good news is: sleeping well makes all the difference and you don’t need a luxury RV, camper or tricked out rig to make that happen. All you need is a comfortable place to lay your head. To celebrate the simplicity of getting outdoors with your family, friends or by yourself, we present “HEST Nests” a new blog category featuring unique camping set ups and tricks to creating a cozy nest in the woods from people who are out there doing it.

If you would like your camping set up featured on HEST Nests, please send us info and images to info@hest.com

HEST Rigs We Dig GMC Sierra Camper Buildout Back of truck DuallyYour name: Roger

Home Base: Departed coastal Maine 21years ago, been traveling since.

Set Up:Amel Sharki 41 ft ketch.  Purpose built offshore voyaging boat.

Favorite Camp Spot:I have visited the San Blas Islands in Panama for months at a time.

HEST products:  I am very pleased with my Foamy.  It is an excellent upgrade from the usual open cell foam cushions/mattresses found on yachts.

Most beautiful place you’ve ever woken up? 
Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia


Who’s in your adventure squad? 
In my travels I have sailed about half with crew and half solo.  In 2015 to 2017 I solo circumnavigated; Panama, Marquesas, Samoa, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Australia Mauritius, Reunion Island, South Africa, and 6,700 miles nonstop return to Panama.

Advice for the sailboat living curious / new to the seas?
Start small.  My first cruising/expedition boat was a 16 ft Wayfarer.

On your average sailing trip, what is the gear set up you bring with you? What do you like most about your set up?
Total solar with water maker, no refrigerator or TV.  With 3 tanks of propane I can go remote for six months on a plant based diet. My car is a red plywood dinghy that I row and sail.

Any upgrades or improvements you’re planning for your boat? 
I am installing a Cubic Grisley wood stove.  Also added a Sea Eagle kayak for the Patagonia trip.

What’s the one creature comfort you can’t sail without? 
Organic Japanese Sencha green tea.

What do you look for in a campsite?
Space from neighbors. We are out to be alone, give us our space.

Best sail boat meal? 
Curried lentils soup with sourdough  bread.  Or, sprout burgers with Hummus.

Worst night of sleep while camping?
Really strong weather will keep you up all night whether at anchor or offshore.  But these conditions never last forever.

What’s your next sailing adventure?
On December 1st I will depart the Sea of Cortez for a nonstop passage to Valdivia, Chile at 40 degrees south, about 5,000  miles. The route will pass close to Rapa Nui.  I hope to stay in Patagonia for the next 3 years.