September 29, 2022 2 min read

One thing we love almost as much as a good night’s sleep: hearing stories about our products in the wild. Of all the customer feedback we hear, the Pillow in particular has a certain something special about it… Maybe because it’s because you put your head on it or maybe because it’s so dang comfy? The HEST Pillow has become more than just a comfortable camping pillow for some…

"This is my HEST pillow.  My daughters named him "Marshie" because he reminds them of marshmallows:). He had a great weekend yurt camping in central Oregon.  Lots of soaking up the sun and drinking coffee catching up with friends."
- Jeff K.
"My friend and I were on a multi-week road trip traveling from Seattle to Utah, camping along the way. On the first night, my friend realized she had forgotten to bring a pillow case but wanted to keep her HEST Pillow fresh for the rest of the trip. We got the idea to put one of her extra shirts on it like a makeshift pillowcase. Once it was on, we figured out that if you turn the Pillow sideways in the shirt, the curved ends will perfectly fill out the shoulders, like a fake person. And even funnier, when you lay your head down on it, it’s like laying your head down on a person’s chest. Because her actual human boyfriend hadn’t come on the trip, we started joking that he was going to get dumped for the stand-in Pillow person. We started calling it BFP (aka Boyfriend Pillow)."
- Quin, Content Creator for HEST
Made my 2 night stay in hospital way more enjoyable – this pillow is fantastic. I haven't taken it camping yet but I did use it in the hospital while my wife birthed our first child and it was fantastic; best part of my sleep each night (infinitely more comfy than the "sleeping couch" i was on). Highly recommend it!
Not only is this a fantastic camping pillow, I quite literally use this as my everyday pillow at home! I just throw a pillow case on it and - boom. It keeps me cool at night and has the perfect amount of loft. My cat also loves to curl up on it when I’m not using it ;)
-Anika, Content Creator for HEST

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