May 30, 2023 2 min read

HEST Hound is a tribute to our canine family members and friends. Good dogs gather round. If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email!

Doggo Name: Henry

Nicknames: Hank, Hen, Henny, Bumpy 

Human Name: Jillian Rebekah - @jillianrebekah

Home Base: My mom travels a lot but we keep going back to this cute house in Southern California, so I guess that’s my home.

Breed: Doberman Shepherd

Age: I think I’m 4

Average hours of napping per day: My schedule is: walks, eats, naps, snoofs/floofs, naps, walks, night-time wiggles, naps, big sleep. 

 Job: Making sure no one is doing anything fun without me. Protecting against the mailman, deliveryman and all backyard rodents (and shadows).

Who’s in your adventure squad?  

Momma, Poppa, big trucks and dirt bikes.

Favorite pastime/adventure? 

 Squirrel spotting, butterfly shadow chase, possum relocation (from fence top to backyard), walks and campsite perimeter investigation.

Special trick? 

Convincing my parents to feed me raw meats.

Favorite treat/snack?  

Marrow beef bones & dinner (anything raw).

Are you a Winter or Summer dog?  

 I have a short coat so you’d expect me to say summer, but I also overheat easily; so I guess the answer is high maintenance.

Best place to sniff?  

Anywhere I’ve spotted a squirrel (or cat).

Give me a walk and you’ll be my new best friend.

Favorite body part to be scritched?   

Neck, behind my giant ears.

Favorite nap spot?  

In my HEST Dog Bed!

Best doggie gear?   

E-collar, leash and rain coat. Bring those and I’m down for any adventure.

If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email at!