March 31, 2023 4 min read

Everything a HESTIVAL-goer needs to know

The 2nd annual HESTIVAL is approaching fast! The “official kickoff weekend to camping season” is coming to  Big B’s Delicious Orchard in Hotchkiss, Colorado  on April 28-30, 2023. We have a fun-filled weekend planned so we put together a guide with all the information you need to know.  

 A HESTIVAL pass (All Access, Camping + Music or just Camping Only)  is required for entry, and if you haven’t already PLEASE  have everyone in your party fill out the event waiver prior to arrival.

MAP, Timeline & Itinerary:

Get a lay of the land with the map below, please note that camping rigs such as vans, trucks, ground tents and smaller campers will go in the orchard. Any larger tow-behind campers ( longer than 18 feet) will go in the field camping.

For a complete itinerary, check out out the fun-filled schedule below:



Friday, April 28th from 3-6pm:(you will not be allowed in BEFORE 3pm!)  When you arrive at Big B’s Delicious Orchards  (address for Google Maps 39126 CO-133, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 ) please swing by the HESTIVAL Welcome/Check-in booth set up at the entrance of the Orchard Store/Cafe. 

This year is a first come, first serve basis after 3pm. Depending on the size of your rig ( anything <18 feet = orchard anything >18 feet = field)  If you plan on camping with a group you can have one member come and they will be responsible for saving spots for the rest of the group. Remember, for group spots, biggest rig is the lowest common denominator- so if you have a tow-behind camper bigger than 18 feet, please camp in the field!

Late Friday Arrivals:  For anyone arriving after 9pm, please find a camp spot and check in with us in the morning to get your wristband.  

Saturday April 29th from 1-4:30pm:  For those just joining us on Saturday, please check in before 4:30pm so we can get you settled before the live music begins.

Event Waiver:

Everyone ( Adults + Adults for minors) must sign this EVENT WAIVER upon entry to HESTIVAL. Signing Waivers digitally prior to arrival is encouraged



Meals PROVIDED  by HESTIVAL ( included with ALL ACCESS PASSES only!)  

4/28:  Happy Hour including Big B’s Cider + Mountain House Samples  

4/29:  Camp Coffee with Ignik and First Ascents  Continental Breakfast ( granola, yogurt, pastries)  Happy Hour including Big B’s Cider + Mountain House Samples  Dinner Buffet (vegetarian options available)  

4/30:  Camp Coffee with Ignik and First Ascents  Full Breakfast ( eggs, bacon, etc.)


If you’d like to partake in our Free Shuttle for Hiking on Saturday, April 29th, a shuttle reservation is required and spots are limited . 

Fill out this FREE HIKING SHUTTLE FORM to reserve your spot! Seats are limited.

All other activities 

All other activities on the schedule below don’t require reservations- just show up and bring your own gear as needed! 


Live Music!

Live Music! We are super excited to welcome an outstanding live music lineup throughout the weekend! If you purchased a Camping ONLY pass, you will be required to show your ticket purchase from Ticket Master for Saturday night music.



Colorado in the springtime is highly unpredictable- so pack accordingly! 

Recommended Gear:  


  • Camping Rig/Setup (Tent, Camper, RV, Van, Truck)  
  •  Sleeping Bag  
  •  Camping Pad ( may we recommend a HEST Mattress?)  
  •  Pillow (HEST Pillows are dreamy!)  
  •  Camp Chair 
  •  Headlamp  
  •  Clothing- appropriate for spring conditions predicted above! 
  •  Sturdy footwear for walking around orchard  
  •  Rain Jacket  
  •  Personal Toiletries   
  •  Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses  
  •  Hiking &/or Biking Gear  
  •  Water Bottle  
  •  Camp Towel  
  •  Food: HESTIVAL ALL-ACCESS passes will be covering all meals except Dinner on 4/28 and Lunch on 4/29. Big B’s full service cafe will be open, but bringing snacks is recommended!  
  •  Personal Drinks: HESTIVAL ALL-ACCESS passes will be providing free Big B’s Cider both days from 4-6pm, bring any additional drinks on your own. 






  • Camp Table    
  • Spare batteries 
  • Solar Charger    
  • Utensils (help us reduce waste where possible!)    
  • Drinkware- every HESTIVAL ALL ACCESS ticket will receive a HESTIVAL camp mug!    
  • Camp Games    
  • Yoga Mat


Campground Amenities:

Camping at Big B’s is “rustic” and dreamy at the same time, here are the amenities available on the property throughout the weekend:


  • Potable Water Spigots  
  •  Toilets  
  •  Coin-operated hot showers 
  •  Charging Station for limited devices  
  •  Fire Pit  
  •  No Hookups! We welcome solar panels, and generators are ok to run until 10PM.



Yes, your little ones and fur babies are welcomed to attend HESTIVAL- each parent/guardian is responsible for their children and pets throughout the entire weekend. Please clean up after your dog and we keep them on the leash in group zones like Basecamp. NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BASECAMP ON SATURDAY AFTER 4PM FOR THE LIVE MUSIC. We have plenty of kid friendly activities planned. Recommend bringing your kids extra snacks and food depending on their eating habits.


Other Area Activities:

You are free to come and go as you please from HESTIVAL, and if you prefer to do other activities outside of our organized event, here are some suggestions on fun things to do in the area:




Check out our HESTIVAL FAQ page or ping us at and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!  


Thank you!  

Thanks for attending our 2nd annual #HESTIVAL! We are grateful to be gathering again in such a beautiful place and can’t wait to share an epic weekend together! We ask that you please be kind to one another and respectful of the gorgeous Big B’s property. See ya soon.

XO,  @hestoutdoors

P.s. Thank you to our brand partners who helped make this event possible, feel free to tag them in any #HESTIVAL posts:  @hestoutdoors @stuntpuppy @kuhl @scarpana @mtnhouse @drinkbigbs @pactoutdoors @miir @ignikoutdoors @kama_surfaces @firstascentcb  @cahoneydrops @pickinproductions @mama_lingua @dragondeer @sunnywarmusic