April 11, 2023 2 min read

Trip Report: 

Your name:  The HEST Crew

Home Base: Seattle, WA  

Companions:  The HEST Crew, our lovely models (@lr4five@overland_bute and @kargueta257) and our awesome photographers over at Flagship Independent!

Destinations: A gorgeous cattle ranch in Blanco - about 50 miles west of Austin, Texas. 

Purpose of trip: Crack some beers, ride some ATVs, and enjoy some late night talks around the campfire. Oh, and do the photoshoot for our newest product launch, HEST Bedding.

Timeframe (e.g. 2 week trip, 3 day trip): 4 day trip

Weather conditions? 

Gorgeous! Lovely break from the January gray skies of Seattle. Mid 60s and big open skies. Great beer drinking weather.

High point?

On our last day of the photoshoot, the team headed up to a mesa to get some footage of a beautiful Texas sunset. As the sun slowly descended and the Juniper and Texas Paintbrush turned a soft gold, three white cows approached the photoshoot. They watched us for a while, curiously investigating the site.

It was such a beautiful evening as the clouds turned cotton candy pink behind the white cows! A very special moment for all of us - and some great footage! We sent them off with some of our travel pillows as a thank you for being an extra models that evening. 

Low point?

Hmmm…hard to say. We did get lost on the way to the ranch, which caused a bit of delay on the photoshoot. No service + faulty GPS = an annoyed boss. But all's well ends well!

What was your sleep set up? (car, boat, van, ground, tent, etc.)

The team was spread out over a Winnebago Revel Van and an Air Bnb with HEST Pillows. We also had one of our employees sleep out by the pool on a HEST Sleep System. He claims he slept the best, and we can't say we are surprised. 

"I wanted to enjoy the balmy nighttime temps having traveled from the frigid PNW winter. I fell asleep to the sound of the water fountain that fed into the pool and Chris playing the guitar in his Van. I woke up with the songbirds and the sun rise.  (How picturesque!) I always enjoy the chance to sleep on our pads, but especially when it is a clear starry night, with a gentle warm breeze. I also enjoyed product testing our new comforter."  (Stay tuned...)

-Elijah, Customer Success Extraordinaire

How’d you sleep?

We all slept great on our HEST gear, obviously ;) 

Tastiest thing you ate:

Smoked brisket from Terry Black’s Barbecue in Austin, Texas. Unbelievable experience. 

Coolest thing you saw:

The overall scenery of the ranch in Blanco, Texas was gorgeous. However the coolest thing we saw was probably the twirling two-steppers at the honky tonk. We all stared in awe at the dancers and cowboy boots! Even tried to get out on the dance floor ourselves! :)

Anything you’d do differently if you did the trip over again?

Extend the trip a day and eat more barbecue.

What’s the next on the adventure calendar?

Our next big adventure is HESTIVAL 2023 happening at the end of this month April 28-30 in Hotchkiss, Colorado. We hope to see you there! You can also see our whereabouts this year by checking out our 2023 event calendar