July 03, 2023 3 min read

We all know that dreaded sticky night of sleep when it is hot outside. Overheating is never fun, especially while sleeping in a car or tent camping. The HEST Team put our heads together to list off all the tricks in our book to keep you cool at night this summer.

 Here Are The Top 7 Tips To Sleeping Better in Hot Temperatures While Car or Tent Camping:


Window Shades      

While out enjoying the day’s adventures, it’s important to prep your sleep space before you head out. Make sure all windows are covered with sun shades, blocking any and all sunlight into your vehicle. An overheating tent or car is a terrible sleeping environment, especially those piping hot seat-belts…ouch!

There are many different Sun Shade brands out there. The HEST Van, our multi-purpose event and adventure rig uses Vanmade Gear to keep the van cool and protected. The magnetic feature allows for the shades to just be slapped on, and boom, you’re ready to enjoy your daytime adventures knowing you’ll come back to a cool vehicle.


Try Not to Nap

While it may be difficult to not feel sleepy during those sweltering parts of the day, we suggest staying awake all day. Sleeping in the heat is hard enough as is. Getting your snooze on during a power nap can affect your precious time asleep at night. If you can help it, avoid napping unless absolutely necessary.


Sleep on a Breathable Mattress + Sheets

To stay comfortable sleeping in hot weather, make sure your gear is updated to breathable, cooling material. We suggest our HEST Pads, Pillows, Sheets, and Pillowcases for all sleeping conditions. The temperature resilient memory foam in the mattresses and pillows will regulate your body temperature at night, keeping you cool and comfortable (or warm in those colder temperatures). The sheets and pillowcases are made of a cooling Polyester Blend - and the best part, all items are machine washable.


Circulating Air

Consistent air circulation at night is essential to keeping your sleep space as cool as possible. If you are in a tent or roof top tent, keep the Rain Fly unzipped to allow for airflow into your sleep space. If you are in a car or van, keep your windows down, or backdoor open, and cover with a mosquito net. You will allow air to circulate through your vehicle and keep out any pesky bugs or mosquitoes while you’re at it. You can look at some high-quality nets here.


Portable Fan

As tempting as keeping the AC on in your vehicle is, you can drain your car battery very quickly by doing so. An easy solution to keep you cool all night is a portable fan. You’d be surprised how much a portable fan can help out in the sweltering heat! Here are some solar powered portable fans to use in your vehicle or tent at night.


Chill Your Socks

This is an old trick in the book. Throw your socks in the camp cooler for a couple minutes. Wear those puppies to bed and voila! Cooling your feet is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lower your overall body temperature.


Camp Near Water

If at all possible, try to get a campsite near a river, lake, cold water spring or the ocean! Not only is the air temperature a little cooler due to the breeze off the water, a little dip before bed will help you cool off before dreaming away under the stars.

*Pro Tip: the Dropstitch Base of the Sleep System works great as a water floaty*