July 10, 2023 2 min read

Your name: Jack & Christina - @OnDirtOverland

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Nickname: WhiteCap

Make & Model:  2017 Automatic 6 Speed Toyota Tacoma SR5 4x4

HEST products:HEST Dually Long, Fitted Sheet 50”, and 2 Standard Pillows

Critical dimensions for your bed platform:  We have the AluCab Canopy Camper and the Dually Long fits perfect. 

Length: 78"

Width (at narrowest point): 50"

Is this your daily driver or getaway car?

Getaway car.

What do you like most about your rig? 

The functionality! It can fit into tight places when over-landing in remote areas. We also love the Dickinson Fireplace in the winter months. 

On your average weekend adventure, what is the gear set up you bring with you? 

For mountain biking we toss in both bikes in the back of the truck using Freedom Coast bike mounts. And of course our fridge is full of yummy food and beverages.

How did you navigate gear storage needs into your rig set up?

We built our own custom storage solution so this gives us all the space we need to have everything tucked away. We have a drawer system that acts as our kitchen and pantry.

Any cool custom details you’re proud of? 

Our DIY storage system design and build. 

Coolest place you’ve taken your rig to?

Escalante Grand Staircase Monument, UT

Any projects in the pipeline to get your rig even more adventure ready? 

We are looking to redo some of the internal materials so it can hold up for all our adventures. 

Biggest challenge in your build out? 

Getting the suspension adjusted so the truck rides smooth with added weight of the camper and gear.

Tips for others looking to do the same to their vehicle?

Upgrade the stock tires, wheels and suspension. We also offer a PDF download of our storages boxes, checkout us out on IG - @OnDirtOverland

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