June 29, 2023 3 min read

There’s nothing like a power nap to rejuvenate and revive you when you’re out adventuring. Whether it’s in a van, under the shade of a big tree, on the beach, in a roof top tent, or on a park bench…there’s no wrong way to take a nap.

We love napping so much, we actually ordered some custom stickers to celebrate our love for our number one hobby:

Here’s our top 7 tips on napping like a pro wherever your adventure takes you:



The best time to take a nap is the early afternoon. Napping too late in the day can interfere with your overnight sleep schedule, so get your shut eye in while it’s still early in the afternoon. Plus this is the hottest part of the day so it’s a great time to remove yourself from the scorching sun and heat.



Whether it’s in the van, in the tent, or under the canopy of a big tree, finding a cool, quiet shady spot to nestle down into your mid-day siesta will make your sleep so much sweeter. Being thoughtful about where exactly you’ll be napping will save you from waking up way too hot & groggy. Air flow & shade are key for a next level nap.



To ease the transition into sleep mode, establish a comfy place for your power nap to happen. HEST pads & pillows make for a consistently comfortable nap spot that will help you to unwind and get in the zonk zone more quickly. If you’re someone who’s super sensitive to light or noise: keeping earplugs and a sleep mask on hand will do wonders to improve your nap quality.



Sometimes it can be a challenge to unwind from the day’s activities and get your mind & body fully ready for nap mode. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help you to make that quick switch from GO to SLOW. Although getting good at meditating is definitely easier said than done. If you’re someone who struggles to turn off your brain we suggest trying out Body Scan Meditation to help reset your body & brain into relaxation mode. Body Scans make meditation a little easier since it can be a little daunting to just “not think about anything”.

Body Scan Meditation gives your brain something to focus on and guides you through relaxing one body part at a time. We’ve found Body Scan Meditation to be hugely helpful to wind down, calm your muscles, and clear the mind through focused relaxation and breathing.



For improved relaxation & rest: sleep experts suggest keeping a “worry journal” to jot down all those worrisome little things kicking around in your brain. Writing out all the things you’re currently mulling over will help to temporarily release the thoughts from your mind and allow you to transition into a relaxed state. So, next time you’re having trouble winding down your active thoughts - write them down!



Take a tip from kitty cats (the most masterful of all nappers) – keep it short!  Before you let sweet slumber take you away, we suggest setting a timer or telling a friend to come rouse you at a certain time. Naps should be short & sweet (10-20 minutes) to avoid entering into REM sleep which will mess up your nighttime sleep schedule and make you overly groggy when you wake up. Cat naps are king!



Elevating your feet above your heart allows blood to flow more fluidly throughout your body and can help to improve transitioning from wakefulness into slumber. A stuffed sleeping bag tucked under your knees works really well as a makeshift bolster to get your legs up off your HEST Mattress - or one of our HEST Pillows!