June 23, 2023 4 min read

Hest Test: 7 days on a HEST dually long

Introducing HEST Test, the ultimate test to see the longevity of HEST Products during consecutive use. We interviewed our friend Doug Foss, during his week long hunting, hiking, music festival extravaganza. Sleeping on the HEST Sleep System in a tent and in the back of his truck on the Dually Long, Doug recounts his trip with us below:

Your name:  Doug Foss

Most Consecutive Nights on a HEST: 7

HEST Products: HEST Sleep System & HEST Dually Long

What is your dominant sleeping position?

I generally start on my back and eventually move to my side during the night.

Early bird or night owl? 


Where’d you sleep?

I will share both experiences of sleeping on the ground in a tent with the Sleep System base inflated at 6psi and also in the back of my truck on the Dually Long.

What did you fill your days with?

Hunting, hiking and attended a music festival.

Take us through your sleep journey night by night: How was your sleep? Did you wake up at all?

I had went to bed in both trips pretty exhausted from long days filled with activity and went to sleep fairly quickly. I have a previous back injury (lumbar) which can keep me from going to sleep and/or staying asleep, but I didn’t happen to wake as much as I do at home in my own bed. The quietness of being in the wilderness helps, but I was also comfortable and didn’t seem to move around as much while sleeping which I can fact check with my Oura Ring and sleep data that is captured on my iPhone.

How did your sleep affect how you felt during the day? Did you feel energetic? Rested?

I felt great! I woke up warm and comfortable and to be honest didn’t want to leave my little cocoon some mornings. I felt really good and ready to attack the day.

How was your temperature regulation/body temp during the test?

 I had the fortunate experience to have camped in both cold/wet and hot/sunny temps using the two mattresses and both times I had never felt any stiffness from the foam in the cold, nor did I feel too hot/sweaty in the heat. In fact, it almost felt cooling to the touch in the hot weather.  

Was there anything that you noticed about your sleep that changed once you were a couple nights in on the HEST?

I guess what I noticed is what I DIDN’T notice, meaning that I never had the feeling of dread that you can sometimes get when you are not sleeping in your own bed (like sleeping in a hotel, or on the ground, or a couch, etc). The fact that I never had any anxiety about sleeping on the HEST mattress was pretty awesome. I just went to bed, slept well, and woke up happy.

How does sleeping on a HEST camping pad compare to the sleeping pad you were using before?

Oh man, WAY better. I have used a lot of air mattresses (and popped a few) and even though this is a heavier product I sleep way better. I don’t touch the ground through the mattress with my elbows or hips when I am on my side, I don’t have that noisy sound you get when sleeping on air mattresses that keeps you up, and I know that the money I spent on the HEST mattress was a better investment than having to buy an air mattress several times due to popping it (or my son jumping on it and popping it for me, haha).

How does sleeping on a HEST compare to sleeping on your bed at home?

It is pretty darn close! I have a pretty nice mattress at home so having an equally nice mattress to take with me when camping pretty much keeps my sleeping consistent. I think I sleep better camping due to having the same comfort of mattress, but also not having the sounds of the house / city to wake me up at night so going camping now is always something to look forward to so I can recharge the batteries so to speak.

Do you have any pinch points in your sleeping habits that can greatly affect your comfort/rest?

I hurt my back pretty bad several years ago and I’ve had a lot of physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic work over the years as well as a pretty solid stretching/yoga routine so I am always conscious of how I handle my back pain management. Having a great mattress (home or camping), stretching before/after sleeping, and drinking a good amount of water will always help to keep me in balance.

Before bed routine on the trip?

I try and get a little stretch in (hamstrings, quads, back, neck), drink 8-16oz of water, take a little CBD gummy for sleep/relaxation to calm my mind, and then go into some mindfulness thoughts inside my head (being grateful for another day, saying my I Love You’s to my wife/son, and visualizing my little family unit together being happy) and then I pretty much just drift to sleep.