December 28, 2021 4 min read

Our team here at HEST reflected on all our personal adventures of 2021 and the most memorable nights spent dreaming outdoors on a HEST mattress and pillow. At HEST, we believe that a good night’s sleep is important for not only your health and wellbeing but also that if you Sleep Well, you will be able to Play More and maximize whatever adventures you seek in the outdoors the next day.


John| Marketing

Hest Night of Sleep:  Summer night in our rooftop clamshell with my son. Dually wide with two HEST pillows

Location:  Sawtooth Range, Idaho 

Time of Year:  Early Summer  

Adventure the Next Day:  Full lake day swimming and floating at Redfish lake with the Sawtooth mountains in the background.


Doug | Operations

Hest Night of Sleep:  Back of my pickup truck, while hunting mule deer in the mountains. With nighttime temps in the low 30’s and daytime temps in the low 80’s it takes a toll on the body. The Sleep System was my base camp to return to each night after several thousands of feet of elevation gain/loss each day scouting the terrain for my hunt and knowing that I had a super comfortable sleeping situation I felt confident to push my body as far as possible each day, knowing that I would be able to recharge at night. 

Location: Eastern Washington  

Time of Year: September  

Adventure the Next Day:  Hunting 


Jeff | Sales

Hest Night of Sleep: We rented some yurts for the weekend with some family friends and it just happened to be the weekend of the new moon so it was DARK outside, which made for some amazing stargazing. HEST Pillows were used to facilitate a great night's sleep for the whole family.  I do wish the Foamy Wide was available at the time as it would have made for a positively luxurious sleep.   

 Location: Tumalo State Park, outside of Bend, OR  

Time of Year:  Early November  

Adventure the Next Day:  Lots of kid friendly hiking, playground time, and scooter races were had during the day along with a roaring campfire and catching up with great friends.  We also drove home through the first snowstorm of the season in the Cascades and the roads were slick so it was good to have a great night's sleep.


MJ | Marketing

Hest Night of Sleep:  Curled up next to my dog in the back of my Toyota Tacoma on my Dually Long and pillow on the Summer Solstice above treeline in a high alpine mountain basin after sharing a campfire with good friends. 

Location: La Plata Mountains, Colorado  

Time of Year: June  

Adventure the Next Day: Mountain Biking amongst the blooming wildflowers.


Katie | PR 

Hest Night of Sleep: A long weekend of fall car-camping with our family of 3 (plus the pup!) in the MidCoast of Maine. We were a bit nervous camping for the first time with a 9 month old - and with the temperature swings - so expected our sleep to be disrupted no matter what. Amidst the first-time parent concerns, The HEST Sleep System and Pillow provided an actual dream to come back to every night. I slept so well. And lucky for everyone: so did the baby! She also loved the Sleep System and enjoyed playing on it every morning. Maybe next summer I will share it with her.  

Location: Camden, Maine 

Time of Year:  September 

Adventure the next day: Hiking the Camden Hills to mountain biking Camden Snow Bowl to ending the days with either a lake dip or local brewery refreshment. 


 Quin | Marketing 

Hest Night of Sleep: After a long day of working an event in the punishing sun, and a longer evening of driving around on dark BLM roads looking for a place to crash, I’d been looking forward to this moment all day: finally getting to crawl up into the rooftop tent and let the Dually & sweet sweet sleep take me away. I had that kind of deep, dreamless, healing slumber that comes when you are truly exhausted. In the morning I opened my eyes, refreshed and ready to take on the day only to see where we had ended up, on a gorgeous ridge in the middle of the mountains!  

Location: outside Bend, OR 

Time of Year:  Summer 

Adventure the next day:  Hitting the road again and continuing on to more events!


Elijah | Customer Service

HEST Night of Sleep:  A riverside campsite after a long drive up a primitive road. As I set up camp and heated up dinner, the sky darkened and thunderstorms brewed. I got my tent and HEST Sleep System set up just before the rains began and slipped inside my cozy abode for shelter. I curled up on my Sleep System and read 'A River Runs Through It' by Norman Maclean, while the rain battered my tent and the thunder shook the valley. I drifted off to sleep despite the storm and slept soundly through the night.  

Location:  Rock Creek, Montana  

Time of Year: August  

Adventure the Next Day: When I awoke the sun was filtering through the treetops and glinting off the river rushing next to my tent. I made some coffee, grabbed my fly rod and sauntered down to the river. It was a gorgeous fall day and the fishing was spectacular. Trout were leaping from the water to gobble up Pale Morning Duns and October Caddis. I fished in solitude for a few hours then rolled up the Sleep System and packed up camp. I drove away feeling rested, refreshed and ready for the next adventure on my trip.