December 24, 2021 1 min read

5 Ways to Sleep Better in Dry Air Climates

While we love winter for all the fun outdoor activities it brings with it, we can’t say we love the dry air that often comes with it. Sleeping in dry climates can range from uncomfortable at times to straight up painful (think bloody noses & cracked heels). Here are our 5 best tips for sleeping better in dry air wherever your adventures take you:

  1. GET CHILLY! Sleeping in a heated space only exacerbates the dryness in the air. Do your sinuses a favor and spend the night outside.
  2. HUMIDIFY! If you want to get fancy with it, there are a couple decent portable humidifiers on the market, like the  Huumi... but leaving a dish or pot with water out overnight will help humidify your sleeping space. Whether that’s in a tent or the back of your truck camper.
  3. HYDRATE! Dry air will zap the moisture out of your skin. Drinking water throughout the day and when you first wake up will help you rehydrate. Water will also help to keep your sinuses moving & avoid the discomfort of dry nose.
  4. LOTION UP! Lathering up before a night of sleep will help combat static shock & give your skin plenty of time to soak up the moisture. Don’t forget to chapstick those lips too!
  5. COVER UP. Cinching your sleeping bag up around your head will trap the humidity from your breath & give your lungs a respite from the dryness.